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Community Profile:
The East Penn School District is located in the Lehigh Valley's metropolitan area which has a total population of a half million people. With proximity to New York City, Philadelphia, the Pocono Mountains and the New Jersey shore, East Penn is an ideal location that is experiencing residential and business growth. Click here for a map of the East Penn School District. For driving directions, click here. Click here for more information about the District's buildings.

Students and Programs:
The K-12 enrollment in September of 2007 was 8061 which included 3365 elementary, 1865 at the two middle schools and 2831 at the senior high. The Pennsylvania Department of Education has projected continued growth.

East Penn is noted for its academic excellence. Of the Class of 2007, 54% are attending four-year colleges or universities, 22% are attending two-year colleges and 3% are attending business, nursing or technical schools for a total of 79% seeking higher education. Nineteen advanced placement courses and 20 honors courses are offered at the high school. There are classes for special needs students and academically gifted on all levels.

Student activities include dramatics and musical performances as well as an active club program. At the secondary level, 22 varsity and 12 junior varsity sports are offered with over one-third of the students participating.

The East Penn staff consists of approximately 527 professional and 480 support members. Nearly 73% of the teachers hold a master degree or beyond. Another 10% has at least 24 credits in addition to their bachelor degree. In addition to attending many workshops and conferences each year, every professional employee participates in various workshops and training activities through the Employee Development Program to enhance their particular skills. Members of our professional staff are resource persons for state, national and international conferences, adjunct college professors and published writers and researchers.

The elementary schools of the East Penn School District will provide all students with the academic and problem solving skills essential for personal development, responsible citizenship, and life-long learning.  A strong emphasis is placed on reading/language arts and mathematics as well as the development of independent thinking and problem solving skills across all curriculum areas.

A variety of grouping strategies is employed for instructing students.  Enrichment and academic support are available to meet the needs of individual students.

Kindergarten registration:  Entrance age for admission to kindergarten is 5 years old before September 12.  Proof of age and immunization are required at registration.  All registration forms are on the district website.  Vision, hearing, and speech/language screening are offered as part of the kindergarten process.

Kindergarten programming is conducted on a half-day basis.  The curriculum includes reading readiness, mathematics, science, social studies, language development, art, music, physical fitness, library, and opportunities for social growth and the development of good work habits.

The Elementary curriculum (grades K-5) includes language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health/wellness/fitness, penmanship, art, vocal and instrumental music, and library education.  Use of computers and associated educational technology are integrated across the curriculum. Standard testing on the elementary level includes the PSSA tests given in grades 3-8 and 11 as well as classroom assessments.

Special education programming includes life skills support, autistic support, learning support, and emotional support classes in grades K-5.  A gifted support program is offered in grades K-5. (top)

Middle and High School:
The emphasis within the instructional program is on the development of content area skills as well as critical thinking and problem solving.  Individual and small group counseling is provided to help students develop a self-awareness of their talents and interests.  Additionally, counselors provide a full range of services aimed at helping students attain personal, education, and career goals.  *The Middle School curriculum includes language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, world languages, health, wellness/fitness, art, music, technology education, family and consumer science, computer applications, and vocal and instrumental music.  Honors level courses are offered for some subjects.

*The Senior High curriculum includes required and elective offerings in computer science, computer and business applications, English, mathematics, world languages, social studies, science, health, wellness/fitness, art, music, technology education, family and consumer science, driver education, and vocal and instrumental music.  Honors and advanced placement courses are offered in English, social studies, math, science, world languages and computer science.  Emmaus High School also offers students the opportunity to participate in dual enrollment program, allowing students to concurrently earn high school and college credits.  Additionally, the East Penn School District is a participating member of Lehigh Career & Technical Institute.  Students at the high school may elect to attend the technical institute and pursue a large variety of program offerings.

*Special educational includes an academically gifted program, as well as learning support classes, emotional support classes, and life skills support classes.

*Testing in the secondary program includes achievement and aptitude tests, semester exams, PSSA, AP exams, and PSAT/SATs.

*Extra-curricular activities include clubs, intramural and interscholastic sports, plays and musicals, opportunities to participate in student government and jazz and vocal ensembles.