ABOUT US- The Maintenance Department currently has 84 employees consisting of 17 maintenance staff and 66.5 custodial staff. The mission of the staff is to ensure the safety and welfare of all students, staff and support personnel.

The Maintenance Department fully supports the High School Athletic Department and the events that occur throughout the year in getting fields prepared and covering events held in the buildings for the safety and security of students and visitors. It is also the responsibility of the departments to carefully maintain and inspect playgrounds and equipment for safety and security purposes.

Each year our department offers employment to students 16 or older enrolled in a school of higher learning and those students enrolled in Emmaus High School to do summer maintenance work such as cleaning, grass cutting, painting, etc. applications are available in the High School or in the Administrative offices.

The Lehigh County Probation Department developed a program in which the Maintenance Department participates. We are given students who must participate in community service because of minor offenses. These students are placed under supervision in buildings to perform whatever tasks they are assigned for a number of hours determined by the Probation Department.