Anime Convention and Skit


Every year we have, or try to have, a skit that we write and film ourselves that is funny and entertaining to participate in and watch. The timeline for the skit is to have it done before our anime convention where we invite people that are interested in anime and have many activities, a lot of food, and of course show the skit.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do skit. The right way to do it would be to plan ahead close to the beginning of the school year, get people involved in writing the skit, and get people to play in parts. Make sure that the people who sign up for speaking parts are there everytime there is a rehersal or filming. Also have a camera person to fil and edit the skit.

On the opposite side if you don't plan or hand out roles and practice then it will be close to a disaster. If people don't show up multiple times and they "forgot" then kick them off and find a new person for that role. Otherwise it will end up like this...(last year's skit video goes here)

Anime Con

Our anime convention is held every year in the high school cafeteria usually sometime in May. Everything is bought and paid for by club except for any tvs or gaming systems that people bring in to hold certain tornuments. Every year we take suggestions from our club members for what they want to do for con. Such as activities, dancing/music, food/drinks, and if they can come to help out or not.