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High School Curriculum

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: The East Penn School District requires that all students complete a minimum of 21 courses for graduation to be earned between grades 9 and 12.Courses must be taken in the following areas:

Number of Courses Subject Area

4 English

4 Social Studies

3 Science

3 Mathematics

2 Arts or Humanities

1 Health

1 Driver Education
Students must complete 4 Wellness/Fitness courses, one of which must be aquatics.

Students who attend the Lehigh Career and Technical Institute for a three year program (grades 10-12) will complete one course in mathematics and one course in science at LCTI.
All students must complete at least one semester of keyboarding and one semester of an individual computer applications course.

Graduation Project:
Beginning with the Class of 2001, all students will be required to complete a student Graduation Project. A Graduation Project is defined as a formal assignment chosen by a student or small group of students that combines essential learning activities and skills. It is designed and intended to be comprehensive and to be of the highest quality, both in depth and breadth. A project is primarily a learning activity; however, a formal evaluation is conducted at the conclusion.

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Lehigh County Career Pathways GOALS (PDF)