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English and Language Arts

Author Webliography

Good starting point for finding author web sites

Common Errors in English

Concise descriptions and explanations of speaking and writing errors

Online resources that match the LA series

The Encyclopedia Mythica

Learn about Greek, Roman, Chinese, Norse, and many other mythologies

The Blue Book of Grammar

Quick, well indexed set of grammar tools

Visit the Bard

Searchable site with the complete works of Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Excellent set of links and visuals about the old and new Globe theatre

Poetry 180

Access to the superb poetry from the Library of Congress – one per school day

Cyberguides for Literature

A variety of supplementary units based on core literary works

The Camelot Project

Wonderful site chocked full of texts, Arthurian lore, images, and bibliographies

The Writing Site

Multiple samples of student writing, instruction on using scoring rubrics, help for mastering the writing portions of multiple tests

The Milton-L Homepage

Devoted to the life, literature and times of poet John Milton

Online Literary Criticism Collection

Contains 1,253 or more critical websites

Pathfinder: Literary Criticism

Great set of directions for helping students find literary criticism online

Online Exhibitions from the California Museum of Photography

Check the archives section for excellent visuals for writing prompts and student projects

Teacher Guide

Teacher’s guide for using the professional Cartoonists Index and editorial cartoons in the classroom

Folklore, Myth and Legend

Great set of links to any number of fairy tales, folklore, and mythology works

Academy of American Poets

Use the search option to find information on over 200 poets

Purdue Writing Lab Online

Excellent set of short handouts on numerous writing problems

World Wide Words

Source of information any number of phrases, words, and language nuances

Grammar Safari

Excellent use of the Internet for grammar exercises

Online English Grammar

A number of well developed tips and hints on grammar

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Great handouts plus 77 online quizzes

A word A day

This site helps you subscribe to the email service, which provides you with a wealth of vocabulary building activities or get to the archives

Daily Grammar

This site helps you subscribe to the email service, which provide you with a wealth of grammar activities or get to the archives

A+ Research & Writing for high school students and college students

Great set of tips for writing a paper and doing the needed research

Top 100 Speeches

Text options and audio features for most of the list. Explore other options at the site

The electronic version of Cliff Notes

Newspaper History

Look at newspapers from a different point of view

Barnes & Nobles Study Guides

A number of free resources – check out the “No Fear Shakespear”

Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations

The online version of this reference tool

A Biography Resource

Over 15,000 entries from the Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia

Finding Faulty Logic

Well crafted, interactive lessons on analyzing political and commercial ads

GameGoo  Interactive educational games designed to develop early reading and language skills.
Starfall Designed to help beginning readers

CollegeBoard for Students

College essay topics and skills – Sample essays

Sample essays for students writing for college entrance

Princeton Review – What Makes a Good College Essay

Information about what should be included in a college essay

The Geography of Beowulf

Includes a map and information about Beowulf


A translation of Beowulf

Beowulf: Translations by Seamus Heaney

A translation of Beowulf Sails to Denmark

National Endowment for the Humanities

Lesson plans for Beowulf

Angelo-Saxon England

A map of Anglo-Saxon England from 6th to 15th century

Current Archaeology

Artifacts from AD 700 – Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo Society

A brief introduction to the Sutton Hoo Society

The Sutton Hoo Room

More information about Sutton Hoo


The Exeter Book Riddles

410 Grammar: Adverb Phrases

Information about Adverb Phrases

Exercises at Grammar Bytes

Games to practice Grammar Skills

Learn English Central

Practice activities for grammar topics

Daily Grammar

Improve your grammar and writing skills. Every day, you’ll receive a free grammar lesson

The Website for Language Learners

Many tests and games to improve grammar skills

Grammar Roulette

Try your luck with the Grammar Wheel of Fortune

Printable KISS Grammar Books

This website helps students apply what they have learned

Grammar Exercises

Exercises for all parts of speech

Online Writing Lab

PowerPoint presentations and exercises relating to grammar

Owl at Purdue

Verbals: Gerunds, Participles, and Infinitives

Grammar CCC

Exercises in Grammar

Interlink Language Centers

Lessons on the various parts of speech

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Interactive Quizzes on Grammar and Writing

Mad Libs

You remember the Mad Libs Game – this is them….online!

Study Zone

Grammar Exercises: Adjective Clauses

Grammar CCC

Writing Concise Sentences

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