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Science Websites

Access Excellence Resource Center

Good jumping off point for science educators


Excellent set of online exhibits, Podcasts, and video options – check out the eyeball dissection

The Heart

Wonderful interactive simulation

The Interactive Frog Dissection

Almost like real life and saves an animal

University of California Museum of Paleontology

Super online exhibits and history section

Science Bulletins

Superb interactive data visualizations, as well as information on new discoveries and technology in the area of natural history

NASA Digital Learning Network Free, interactive programs allow you and your students to learn more about our home planet and the universe beyond through video-conferencing and Web casts. Students of all ages can participate in live events featuring NASA experts and education specialists. Take a look at our catalog of events and Web cast announcements to find lessons, activities, and presentations that meet your instructional objectives.

Rainforest Portal

Gateway to a vast amount of information on rainforests, preservation, and campaigns to maintain rainforests


Overall entry to the massive amounts of NASA information

Views of the Solar System

Over 950 images and 880 MB of information – Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese versions are available through links on this page

Science Learning Network

A wealth of inquiry oriented science activities developed by various museums

Chemistry Teaching Resources

Extensive, well organized set of links for chemistry teachers

Space Image Libraries

A variety of still pictures presented by NASA’s Aerospace Education Services Program

The Why Files – Science Behind the News

Funded by NSF, a delightful collection of scientific information

The Real Scoop on Tobacco

Well developed WebQuest which provides a look at the use and issues surrounding tobacco

JASON Project

Entry to the variety of materials generated by this project

Weather Channel

Search capabilities and up to date information and graphics

IntelliCast Weather Center

Latest weather conditions around the world

Tornado Projects

Excellent pictures, current information, and myths

Volcano World

Ask a volcanologist a question and gather myriad information

Astronomy Picture of the day Discover the Cosmos - a new picture every day


Latest information about seismic activity in the US

Worldwide Earthquake Information

Global information and links to maps

Space Weather Check out the conditions in space!

Cells Alive

Wonderful videos about viruses, bacterium, parasites, and blood cells

The International Symposium on Environmental Issues – Sydney, Australia

Excellent WebQuest where students learn about ozone, pollution, and the environment


Good example of an Internet site tied to a textbook, Prentice Hall’s Biology

Ocean Planet Online

Wonderful Smithsonian exhibit with environmental information as well

Extreme Science

As the website says – “Feed your brain” with the number of student oriented activities

The Ultimate Science Fair Resource

Ste by step guidelines, things to avoid, practical and helpful information for users of all levels

DNA Interactive

Superbly crafted set of multimedia materials, lesson plans, and other tools to help teach about DNA and genetics

General Chemistry Online

PowerPoint slides, teaching notes, and a wealth of information for chemistry teachers

Physics and Astronomy Online

An amazing number of well classified links for physics teachers

Earth Science World

Investigate careers, an extensive image bank, gather up to date information and experience a number of interactive games

The Physics Classroom

Great set of tutorials, multimedia options and simple quizzes

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