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Food Services Department



1) Each student is issued a "Student I.D. Card" that includes the student's number (PIN) and photo. Our database has a list of all students' PIN numbers. In order to comply with Pennsylvania Department of Education regulations, it is REQUIRED for all students, whether they are full-price, reduced, or free, to present their Photo I.D. Card to the cashier when they are making a school lunch or ala-carte purchase. This is regardless of whether the student pays by cash daily or uses the debit account system.

***First Grade Students will receive their Photo I.D. Cards in October, until then they will be issued a temporary I.D. card. ***

2) Elementary School students will receive their photo I.D. cards each morning in their class room before lunch and hand them to the cafeteria cashier when making a school lunch or ala carte purchase. The cards will be sent back to each of the student's homerooms for the next lunch day.

3) Middle School and High School students will keep their photo I.D. cards in their possession. Students must present their photo I.D. card to the cafeteria cashier when making a school lunch or ala-carte purchase when paying by cash or when using their account. Any student who does not have their photo I.D. card will not be allowed to use their account. (This is enforced for security reasons to protect the student's account.) Students who forget or lose their I.D. Card must report to their school's main office or library for a replacement photo card. (There may be a fee to replace lost cards, and disciplinary action for students who do not bring their Photo I.D. Cards to the cafeteria.)

4) Money can be deposited into the student's account. The deposit can be made with cash or check made payable to: "EAST PENN SCHOOL DISTRICT CAFETERIA FUND". When a cash deposit is made, the student will receive a receipt. We recommend writing a check as this creates a written document to trace payment should a problem arise. We also offer an online payment option for a small transaction fee. The website is: You may monitor and track all purchases for FREE through this website as well.

ELEMENTARY STUDENTS: Cash or check should be given to the homeroom teacher at the beginning of the day and will be sent to the school office for deposit into the student's cafeteria account. Checks can also be mailed to: East Penn School District, Food Service Office, 800 Pine Street, Emmaus, Pa, 18049.

SECONDARY STUDENTS: Cash or check can be deposited into the student's account during the morning breakfast at the cashier station or deposited into the student's account during lunch at the cashier station. Checks can also be mailed to: East Penn School District, Food Service Office, 800 Pine Street, Emmaus, Pa, 18049.


  • If depositing money by check - sign the check.
  • Make check payable to "East Penn School District Cafeteria Fund".
  • Enter students' name and I.D. number on the check and school.
  • If the check covers more than one student per family, please put each of the student's name on the check/name of school and how much is to be deposited into each student's account.
  • If last name of printed name on check is different than the student's last name, please include entire name of student on the check.
  • If depositing money by cash for Elementary Only: Please place money in a sealed envelope, with student name and I.D. Number printed on the envelope.
  • You do not have to deposit money into the student's account, this is a voluntary debit accounting system, but students who pay by cash daily to purchase a school lunch or ala-carte items must present their Photo I.D. Card to the cashier.


This is a DEBIT operating system, not a charge account operating system. Students may not charge lunch or ala-carte items with this computerized debit system.

Students who deposit cash or a check into their account will be able to purchase a school lunch or ala-carte items without the need to carry money. This makes the lunch lines go faster as students do not need to look for money in their pockets or change bags. It also alleviates the parent from remembering to give their child lunch money every day. Students must present their Photo I.D. Card to the cashier whether or not they are making a purchase by cash or using their account.

  • Each time the student purchases a school lunch or ala-carte item using money that has been deposited into their account, the students' money in their account will decrease. REMEMBER:
    • Elementary school lunch is $1.70
    • Secondary school lunch is $1.80
    • Dominos Pizza Day School lunch is $1.95 Extra slice is $1.75
    • Milk $ .50
    • Ala-carte items (will vary by school)

The cost of the school lunch or ala-carte items will be deducted from the account without any exchange of money.

  • Students who receive a free or reduced lunch will follow the same procedures as outlined above. Their automatic debits will be made at the free or reduced lunch rate.
  • Any student that accumulates a negative balance in their cafeteria account will receive a negative balance letter. Payment is required within one week from receiving the letter.
  • Parents/Guardians of students withdrawing from the East Penn School District will be issued a check for their child’s account balance within one (1) month upon receiving a copy of the withdrawal form.

Questions or comments can be sent to: East Penn School District

Food Service Office

800 Pine Street

Emmaus PA 18049


Click-on Community/ Local Menus for the Monthly Menu and other Food Service Information on the district website.

The East Penn School District is an equal opportunity education institution and will not discriminate in its educational programs, activities or employment practices on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, ancestry, disability, union membership or other legally protected classification. Announcement of the policy is in accordance with state and federal laws, including Title VI, Title IX, Section 504 and Americans with Disabilities Act. Copyright 2010 East Penn School District.