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Take Back Our Children Mission Statement

The East Penn Community will work together to recommend a comprehensive program that will educate children on how to make good choices and prevent destructive decisions when it comes to violence, drugs, alcohol and all the other factors that may have a negative effect on the quality of their lives.

Upcoming Meetings

General Meeting- June 13, 2005, Location to be determined.
Outcome Group 1- May 10, 3pm, Admin Conf Rm B.
Outcome Group 2- May 17, 4:00pm, LMMS main conference Rm.
Outcome Group 3- March 30 7:30pm, Admin Conf Rm A.

Meeting Minutes
General Meetings-
Final Meeting, June 13, 2005
Outcomes Group 1-
Outcomes Group 2-
Outcomes Group 3-

To the right please find the minutes and a transcript of comments made by participants at the April 14, 2004 meeting held at the Emmaus High School.  Please note that the minutes in some instances are not verbatim representations of the comments offered.

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Contact Information
Dr. Denise Torma
East Penn School District
800 Pine Street
Emmaus, PA 18049