Updated 5/19/04

Superintendent Alrita Morgan, Ph.D., addresses parents, district staff and community partners at the May 18 meeting.
"We have started a movement," Superintendent Alrita Morgan said to the crowd gathered in the EHS auditorium for the second Take Back Our Children Community Task Force meeting, held on May 18, 2004.

At this meeting, five Task Group Committees were established to determine goals and action plans based on the April 14 meeting. These Task Groups consist of community members, parents, teachers, and district personnel.

The five Task Groups established, and their goals, are as follows:

  • Parents and Families Task Group
    Outreach from schools
    Informative programs
    Links to schools
    Guidelines for assessing risks
  • Student Task Group
    Students on committees
    National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) Forums
    Effective Programs
  • Safe Schools Task Group
    Standards for acceptable behavior
    Consistent application of standards
    Accountability for behavior
    School environment
  • Partners and Resources Task Group
    Health professionals
    Business community
  • Awareness Task Group
    Staff training
    Parent workshops
    Curriculum, k-12

More Task Group information, including contact and meeting information, will be posted on this website shortly.

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Dr. Denise Torma, Director of Research and Evaluation, presents methods that the Task Groups can use to accomplish their goals.
Task Groups Established at Second Take Back Our Children Meeting

Safe Schools Task Group members gave everyone a chance to talk about their goals.

Awareness Task Group members discuss the issues.