Updated 3/31/05 / Outcome Group Information Page
Outcome Groups
Outcome Group1
co-chairs: Alene Kraus, Cathleen O'connor. Next meeting April 12, 3pm, Admin Conf Rm A.
11/16/04 meeting minutes, February minutes, March 15 meeting minutes (PDF).
Outcome Group 2
co-chairs: Wally Vinovskis, Nancy Watkins. Next meeting Jan 13 6pm LMMS. 11/17/04 meeting minutes, January and February minutes (PDF).
Outcome Group 3
co-chairs: Anne Verghese, Deb Janney, Betsy Hughes, Ron Delaco, Kristi Cole. Next meeting March 30 7:30pm Admin Building rm A.
11/18/04 meeting minutes, January minutes (PDF).

The committee co-chairs representing the five Take Back Our Children Task Groups listed below met on Monday, November 8, 2004 and discussed the reorganization and reformatting for Take Back Our Children committees and activities.

Awareness Task Group

Safe Schools Task Group

Partners and Resources Task Group

Students Task Group

Parents and Families Task Group

 Attached you will find the three Outcomes that have been established by the Take Back Our Children Initiative.  These Outcomes are the result of a compilation of committee activities and general membership meetings to date.