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EHS Computer Science Students Defend Title posted on 06/01/2012
On Tuesday, April 10th, EHS students competed in a computer programming competition at Bloomsburg University against 31 other teams from 15 different high schools throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. Adam Hersh, Solon Mao, and Mark Wolff, who had won last year along with Tim Su, defended their title as a team of 3 as Emmaus captured the top score for the 10th time in the past 15 years. They won four $100 gift cards to Best Buy on behalf of the school for their extraordinary effort. Emmaus also took 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th place in the competition. The competition involved writing 10 programs in Java primarily that correctly solved problems of varying difficulty in a 3-hour time frame. The teams of 4 students could use 2 computers among them, so teamwork and speed were crucial. The 1st place team was the only one of all 31 teams that completed all of them.

Emmaus has competed in the American Computer Science League for the last 31 years and has been invited to its invitational All-Star contest against the best teams in the world all but 3 of those years. EHS is still the only school in the Lehigh Valley that offers students this opportunity to compete and excel at such a high level. The competition involves solving extremely complex and difficult problem statements with a programmed solution in a language of their choice and answering questions related to many different college-level topics in computer science including computer number systems, recursive functions, Lisp programming, Boolean algebra, graph theory, data structures, finite state automata, bit string operations, assembly language, prefix & postfix notation, and digital electronics.

Programming and problem solving skills will set these students apart in any future endeavors and East Penn can be very proud of their accomplishments!

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