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Students will receive a numerical grade for each course at the end of each quarter. This rule is not necessarily applicable to Independent Study, except as contracted. The quarter, semester and year grade will be a numerical grade. Work which is incomplete during the fourth quarter will be given an "F" grade and averaged with other grades that quarter.

The grading system used is as follows:

Percentage Range

92 - 100 %

84 - 91 %

74 - 83 %

65 - 73 %

55 - 64 %

Below 55 %

I - Incomplete

M - Medical excuse

P - Passing, pass/fail course

F - Failing, pass/fail course

WP - Withdraw, passing

WF - Withdraw, failing

Grade Description

Superior achievement

Good achievement

Average achievement

Minimum achievement

Failure due to unsatisfactory achievement

Ineligible for Summer School


  1. The final average for each course will be computed by averaging the numerical grades for each quarter with both semester examination grades. The combined semester exam grades will always count as 20% of the final course grade.

  2. Report Cards are issued four times during the school term. The dates are listed on the district calendar. Interim reports are also issued four times a year midway through each quarter. LCTI issues report cards four times during the year for the courses studied there.


The East Penn School District is an equal opportunity education institution and will not discriminate in its educational programs, activities or employment practices on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, ancestry, disability, union membership or other legally protected classification. Announcement of the policy is in accordance with state and federal laws, including Title VI, Title IX, Section 504 and Americans with Disabilities Act. Copyright 2009 East Penn School District.
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