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Mission Statement

The philosophy of the World Language Department in its approach to the teaching/learning process is to develop in the student both grammar based and communication-based skills. The emphasis in Level I language study is on the basic skills of listening and speaking. As the student progresses through the levels, the amount of reading and writing increases accordingly. The texts for all languages also contain special emphasis on foreign culture. We believe that this approach fosters interest in and mastery of the language.

We believe that the study of a world language develops a greater appreciation of one's native language. The native idioms, vocabulary, pronunciation, and articulation all become more meaningful and useful. Language is a gateway to the greater understanding of the cultural diversity in our country and in the world. This promotes a greater appreciation of and a more tolerant attitude toward others. We also believe in the need to provide a solid linguistic foundation for the college-bound students, some of whom will need a language for a specific profession, occupation, or advanced degree. We also realize our obligation to the non-college-bound students. Employment opportunities are enhanced by their knowledge of a second language. Finally, we believe that world language study fosters desirable academic growth and makes a valuable contribution to the process of educating our youth, the adult generation of tomorrow.

World Language Teachers
Ms. Deborah Swann - Department Chair
Mrs. Stephanie Ardito
Mr. Kevin Bisignani
Mrs. Shannon Fraser
Mrs. Jessica Babbitt
Mrs. Michele Federov
Mrs. Janelle Hess
Mr. Steve Kutz
Mr. William Montepeque
Ms. Meghan Pribicko
Ms. Tiffany Snyder
Mrs. Claudia Risi
Mrs. Louise Torres

Courses Offered

Please see the Program of Studies for more detailed course information.

Click here for the World Language curriculums.  (Not available online at this time)


Spanish I - Review Guide: Grammar, Vocab


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