Goals and Objectives

1. Students will continually improve their individual playing ability and musical knowledge by participating in full ensemble experiences, chamber groups, and solos.

2. Students will increase their skill and comprehension levels by understanding and working towards mastery of various musical concepts, including, but not limited to: posture, breath control, embouchure structure, specific instrument background information, technical facility (including scales, articulation, rhythmic accuracy, sight-reading, sight singing, terminology, interpretation, form, style, etc.). These improvements will be monitored in class, but will require outside practice to master.

3. Students will be evaluated through various methods, including playing quizzes, verbal comprehension questions (in class), observation of class performance and participation, written work, teacher feedback and coaching in class, and performance outside of class time.

The Emmaus Marching Band / Color Guard / Twirlers

The Emmaus Marching Band, which includes the color guard and Twirlers, begins rehearsing in the summer and continues through the football season. Performances include all home and away football games, pep rallies, and area festivals and competitions. This ensemble is unquestionably the most visible performance group in high school. The marching band is an extracurricular activity open to any current ninth through twelfth grade band student. Since the marching band enters into competitive events, all students must meet the East Penn School District academic eligibility requirements. The details of these requirements are outlined in the Emmaus High School Student Handbook issued to all students. The marching activity is a demanding activity, both musically and physically. All participants must commit themselves to maintaining high musical performance standards and good physical condition.

Color Guard

The term “Color Guard” has been handed down from the era of military marching bands, originally referring to those who presented and “guarded” the American and military flags "colors". Nowadays, the term refers to the marching band members who add visual impact and color to the musical performance in a challenging activity that combines equipment work (flags, rifles, sabers) with dancing, and marching.

Color guard participants are full members of the marching band. Therefore, they are expected to participate in all marching band activities, to help in fund-raisers, and are required to follow all applicable rules and regulations contained in this handbook.


The twirling squad is a group, which participates in all marching band activities. They rehearsal throughout the summer and then perform with the Marching Band at all football games, parades and competitions. They are expected to participate in fund-raisers and are required to follow all applicable rules and regulations contained in this handbook.


Students are expected to demonstrate positive and cooperative behavior when associated with the bands of Emmaus High School. When you are wearing an Emmaus High School band uniform you are representing your school and community. Inappropriate or offensive behavior will not be tolerated. We represent ourselves, each other, and our school, and we strive to represent the best in high standards and traditions.

Specific Behavior Guidelines

1. All East Penn Board of Education disciplinary guidelines are in effect at all band functions.

2. No use of alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs. Possession or use of any of these will result in disciplinary actions in accordance with school policy. This may include action by law-enforcement authorities. It may also result in expulsion from the program.

3. No abuse of school facilities or equipment. This includes uniforms, instruments, music, or the physical structures. Students will be charged for any damage to the above.

4. No unauthorized use of school instruments.

5. Absolutely no hazing, bullying, or harassment of students.

6. No disrespect of authority. This includes all student leadership, administrators, teachers, staff, band parents, and anyone else connected with the program.

7. No one is permitted to leave designated areas without permission. A director or chaperone must know where you are at all times.

Students who do not abide by these guidelines may be subject to administrative referral and participation in extra-curricular events may be modified or suspended. Continued behavior issues or extreme matters may result in the student being dismissed from extra-curricular events.

In the Band Room

1. Students must be prompt and prepare for rehearsal in a positive manner (see attendance policy).

2. Over 200 students use the band room each day. Let's keep it clean and orderly. Trashcans are provided for your use. Instruments and music folders are to be kept only in the instrument storage located in the band room. Inappropriate behaviors include activities such as playing percussion (or other) instruments without permission, careless treatment of room or equipment, use of room for reasons other than practice or music rehearsal. Common sense should take care of these issues.

3. There is to be absolutely no food, drink, or gum in the band room - EVER!

4. Music stands and chairs are to be put back in rows, after each rehearsal.

5. Vandalism, use of school equipment, or other student’s property without permission is not tolerated.

Care of Instruments

All instruments should be treated with care whether they are student owned or school owned. Store them properly. Keep mouthpieces, reeds, valves, etc., in good playing condition. Have extra reeds. It is the player’s responsibility to maintain his or her instrument and to keep the director informed of any problems with the instrument that could affect the player’s ability to participate fully.

• Students may be excused for no more than two days of playing while an instrument is being repaired.

• An excuse will only be granted if a repair note is provided.

• If a store must keep an instrument for longer than two days to complete the repairs; a “loaner” instrument should be requested.

Care of Music

Band music is extraordinarily expensive. Music folders are designed to help protect this music from damage. Despite this we still must be very careful handling the music.

• All marks must be made in pencil and erased before turning in.

• Music not returned in good condition will be charged at the replacement rate.

• If replacement music parts are not available, the student may be required to purchase the complete set of parts.

Bus Trip Rules

1. Each student is responsible for his or her own instrument and uniform. If you forget something, you may have to sit out the performance.

2. Only instruments clarinet size and smaller go on the bus. All other instruments go in the equipment truck. You are responsible for getting large instruments to the loading dock where they will be loaded for you.

3. Unless told otherwise, the complete uniform will be worn on the bus.

4. Keep the bus clean…. in words and actions too.

5. Buses will be loaded in the following order: chaperones, then leadership and staff, then seniors, then juniors, then sophomores, then freshmen.

6. All students will ride the bus to the event. Students may ride home with a parent ONLY if a written note from the parent is given to the chaperone on the student’s bus before leaving the school prior to the event. We are responsible for you and must know your whereabouts at all times.

7. All students must stay for the entire game or event.

8. No changing from one bus to another.

Football Game Rules

1. No food or drink in the stands unless distributed by the chaperones.

2. All students must remain in full uniform and must stay in their places in their sections throughout the game.

3. No non-band members in the stands during the games.

4. Only people of authority (directors, police officers, administrators, etc.) may break rank. If someone tries to break rank politely ask him or her to wait as the band passes.

5. No playing of instruments in the stands unless directed by a Drum Major or director.

Marching Band Uniform Rules and Regulations

1. You must wear your entire uniform to perform. Prior to each performance, the student leaders will perform a dress inspection. Neatness and correctness of appearance will be assessed. This will include band T-Shirt underneath the jacket, uniform shorts under pants, black socks, and cleanliness of gloves, shoes, and instruments. Students that do not pass inspection must correct all violations - possibly including the purchase of missing or soiled items - in order to perform.

2. All band members must remain in full uniform (with the exception of plumes) with jacket and shakos on unless told otherwise by a director or Drum Major.

3. No jewelry is to be worn other than post earrings. This applies to males and females.

4. Hair that is long enough must be worn up inside the shako. This applies to both males and females.

5. When boarding the bus, students must be in full uniform with the exception of the shakos, which are to be carried onto the bus in the hatboxes.

6. Change into uniform in the restrooms only. Do not change in practice rooms, storage rooms, band room or on the buses.

7. Plumes will be placed on shakos just before performance time and removed immediately thereafter. Plumes are to be handled gently, keeping hands off the feathers as much as possible.

8. Upon return to the school, the same rules regarding changing are in place.

9. After each use the uniform must be hung neatly on the correct hanger, with creases aligned according to the instructions, which will be provided.

Marching Uniform Care Instructions


It is absolutely essential that the uniforms be hung correctly to ensure that they remain in pristine condition. Please keep track of your uniform hanger as it is made to maintain the uniform’s shape. Do not use a plain hanger on your uniform. Once you have hung your uniform correctly please place it on the appropriate spot.


The new uniforms are made of wool. No student should ever attempt to wash his or her own uniform. The uniforms can only be dry-cleaned by a professional.

Student Leadership Positions

Drum Major

1. Direct all field rehearsals and performances of the marching band.

2. Set standards in attendance, punctuality, attitude, musicianship, and loyalty that the members of the band can and should try to follow.

3. Act as a liaison between band members and the directors and staff.

4. Responsible for keeping the student leadership working together as a team.

5. Coordinate bleacher activities for football games, oversee behavior and maintain proper discipline.

6. Inspect section leader uniforms prior to the full band uniform inspections.

7. Have the band in the correct place at the correct time for rehearsals and performances.

8. Show patience, consideration, and understanding in dealings with the band while not compromising standards.

9. Assist the directors and staff in administrative and organizational tasks.

10. Exhibit and demand discipline within the band.

Section Leaders / Assistant Section Leaders

1. Learn all parts for your particular section.

2. Pass-off music of all members of your section by the appropriate dates.

3. Run efficient and effective sectional rehearsals throughout the marching season.

4. Tutor all students in your section that need help with music and/or marching.

5. Enforce the rules and regulations of the band.

6. Refer disciplinary issues to the directors.

7. Conduct uniform inspection of section and report any infraction against dress code.

8. Assume any extra assignments deemed necessary by directors, staff, or chaperones.

9. Serve as a positive role model for the members of the band in conduct, musicianship, and dedication to the band.


• Copy, collate, and distribute all parts to the music.

• Make and maintain concert and marching folders.

• Keep music in the library in order.

Loading Crew

• Maintain yard lines and hash marks on all practice fields throughout the season.

• Assist in the field set-up prior to the beginning of rehearsals and clean up afterward.

• Load all equipment into the truck and secure it for transport.

• Unload all equipment from the truck upon arrival to site.

• Upon returning to school, supervise putting all equipment back to its proper place.

Technical Crew

• Organize and set up all sound and other electronic systems

• Provide general technical support for rehearsals and performances

Marching Band Pass-Offs

Pass-offs are designed to insure that all players have memorized their music. All section members must play each piece of music by memory with two mistakes or less to pass it off. All musicians in the band are expected to pass-off all show music, the Star-Spangled Banner, and any other piece assigned by the directors.

Merit Points System

For accountability purposes, the following merit system will be used in the awarding of a varsity letter. Students are expected to keep track of their progress. Prior to each banquet a tally sheet will be available for students to fill out and submit. Unfortunately, each year some students miss lettering by 5-10 points because they did not monitor their point accumulation. A total of 115 merits are needed to earn a varsity letter and each subsequent service bar. We will keep track of points but you need to keep track of your own points in case of a mistake.

Merit Point Values

Marching Band Points

Band Camp 40 (Attendance at all of Camp)

Marching Rehearsals 30 (Attendance at 90% of Tuesday and Thursday Practices)

Football Games (5 point each)

Competitions / Exhibition (5 points each)

Parades (5 points each)


The Emmaus High School band program is funded, almost exclusively, through fund-raising projects organized by the East Penn Instrumental Musicians Club (EPIMC). Throughout the year there are many opportunities for both students and parents to raise money for the band program as a whole, and for their individual student accounts. Details of fund-raisers are covered in the parent handbook (attached) and are discussed in the monthly booster club meetings.

Student Accounts

Student accounts are established once a student becomes a member of the band program. Deposits of “Bucks” are made into student accounts based upon their participation in fund-raising events. The student may then use his or her available Bucks balance to help cover various band expenses. The student account is a great way to defray some of the costs of fees, trips, and other band expenses. More detailed information is contained in the Parent Handbook (attached).

Payment Information

All checks for fees, etc. should be made out to EPIMC. Checks should then be placed in a clearly labeled envelope and deposited in the Drop Box in the Emmaus High School Band Room. If students wish to use their accrued money to make a payment, a special transfer of funds is available by the drop box. This slip should also be clearly labeled and placed in the drop box. More detailed information is contained in the Parent Handbook.

Parent Involvement

Our parent organization is vital to the operation of the Emmaus High School band program. We need everyone’s participation in order to be successful. Even if your time is very limited, there are numerous ways in which you can help to make the Emmaus High School Band program even better! Your talents and abilities are greatly needed and appreciated. The best way to stay informed and avoid confusion and/or miscommunication is to be at the booster meetings, hear the facts, and then ask questions. For more detailed information, please consult the Parent Handbook.

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