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Teacher Websites

Teacher Websites

Last UpdatedURL
0000-00-007Comm Website

0000-00-007 Science Website

2016-04-27Mrs. Kaunitz: Pod5 7th Grade

2016-05-24Miss Krakoski - POD 3 Special EducationMiss Krakoski - POD 3 Special Education


2016-05-24amatrisch Website

2013-09-20apatchcoski Website

2009-04-14Mr. Semler's Webpage

2013-11-09aslivka Website

2013-08-14bblaufarb Website

0000-00-00bcappellari Website

2010-01-11POD 1


2010-10-15Mrs. Button

2015-04-24Beth Witte's Web Page

2016-05-23Eyer Band

2011-06-10Mrs. Mary Ellen Coyle, Pod 3

2016-05-25Mrs. Paukovits

2016-05-25csnow Website

2016-04-01Mrs. Brosky

2016-05-23Mr. Budinas

2012-09-25Frau Evans

2016-05-23Mr. Hunsicker - Pod 2

2015-08-25dkeeler Website

2016-05-25Mr. Kukitz

2011-09-13dsilfies Website

2012-09-13Mrs. Solonoski

2016-01-20Mr. Spadt-Eyer Pod 5 Communications

2014-05-20Mr. Willett

2015-09-01Mrs. Geiger's Webpage

2015-08-31Mrs. Knecht ~ Language Arts

2016-05-18Mrs. Navitsky

0000-00-00Eyer7th Website

0000-00-00Family and Consumer Science - FCS

0000-00-00Spring Musical

0000-00-00eyerpod1 Website

0000-00-00Eyer Administration

2016-05-23Mrs. Bealer - Pod 2

2016-05-25Mrs. Rauch

2014-04-17Chorus and Music

2015-05-26Mr. DiRado's Website

2016-05-25Mrs. Hummell's Website

2009-07-28Mr. Ligenza's Website

2016-05-23Mrs. Lusignea

2015-06-01Welcome to Ms. Najarian's Class!

2016-03-08Mr. Palmer

2016-05-24Mrs. Swauger

2015-09-25Mrs. Toth

2015-06-01Mrs. Veseli - Pod 2

2016-04-18kberndt Website

2016-04-07Mrs. HastieMrs. Hastie

2016-04-07Mrs. HastieMrs. Hastie

2016-04-18Ms. Kimberly Kannenberg


2011-01-31SeƱora Kraus

2016-02-29Mrs. Stellato

2016-03-21Miss Torpey

2012-06-05Ms. Breiner

2016-04-27Mrs. Dreisbach


2014-04-29Mrs. Maxon

2016-05-24Mrs. Walker- 6th grade

2013-08-28Mr. Behr's Autistic Support Class

2016-05-25Mrs. Busteed

2015-01-22Mr. Caccavo's Website

2016-05-25Mr. Domyan's 6th Grade Website

0000-00-00mhoffman Website

2016-05-17Mr. Hubbs

2016-05-25Mr. Krempasky's Ancient History Site

2016-05-12Mrs. Magro - Eyer Library

2011-07-10Howard A. Eyer Middle School IMC

2015-09-11Miss Smurda's Website

2015-02-11Guidance Department

0000-00-00paws Website

0000-00-00Mr. Pike's Health & Wellness

2014-11-14pjenkins Website

2015-06-03Mrs. Novobilski

0000-00-00pod1 Website

0000-00-00Pod 2

0000-00-00Pod 3

0000-00-00pod4 Website

0000-00-00pod5 Website

0000-00-00pod6 Website

0000-00-00pod7 Website

2015-08-12rcollier Website

2016-05-25Shay Atkinson's Website

2016-05-23Ms. Bauer

2016-05-24Mr. Boyle's 8th Grade Social Studies

2013-04-15Mr. Braglio

2010-10-25Ms. Susan Carraher

2015-08-30Mrs. Fraser

2015-05-12Mr. Ketcham's Social Studies Website

0000-00-00sruchmorrin Website

0000-00-00sschrettner Website

2012-08-17Welcome to Pod 7!

2016-01-07Mrs. Urban

2009-08-16Mrs. Veseli

2009-05-18weianbil Website

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