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      Jefferson students in K-5 were driven by their curiosity and sense of ownership to engage in a year-long garden project.  This included the investigation of vegetables from seed to product, as well as the design and engineering behind building and sustaining five raised garden beds on school property.  Kindergarten students began the study by observing the sun and creating checklists for the areas on our school grounds that received the most sunlight.  In addition, they studied animal habitats to raise questions about what animals may be attracted to our garden or may even consume some of our products.  First graders studied the parts of a plant and conducted experiments to find out what type of soil is conducive to growing vegetables such as lettuce, cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, and beets.  Second graders got their hands dirty by experimenting with various types of vegetables to determine which plants would germinate best in northeastern Pennsylvania soil.  In addition, their hard work and determination became the sprouts that would be transplanted into our garden.  Third grade students focused on erosion, soil and ecosystems, and conducted studies to determine which soil samples (clay, loam, sand) were best for plant growth.  Fourth and fifth graders added to the investigation by discussing the life cycle of plants and various biomes, researching the migration patterns of monarch butterflies for our butterly bushes, and overseeing the design and construction of our garden boxes.  All grades were able to explore materials, make observations, raise questions, and carry out investigations based on our school-wide learning goals.

     A building and planting crew of twenty students proudly worked after school on two Wednesdays to hammer and nail garden boxes together, add soil, and plant vegetables!  With the help of teachers and parents, the garden was created, and we are just waiting to harvest yummy treats!  The vegetables that the students grow will be included in their lunches!

     Included here is a link to an article about our Jefferson Garden, as well as a Photo Story highlighting some of the main events.  We hope you enjoy!


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Photo Story:

 Click Here and Enjoy! 

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