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1. Populations
Go to the website Answer questions a through c.

2. Community
Go to the website  Answer questions d through i.
use this site also:

3. Ecosystems
To learn about ecosystems go to  Answer questions j through m.

4. Biodiversity
Go to Answer n through p.

5. Factors Affecting Biodiversity Answer questions q and r.

6. Food Chains
To find the answers to questions s through x navigate yourself through this site. When finished, play two review games. 1. producer, consumer and decomposer game 2. food chain game.

Go to

       7. Food Webs

Go to and do all three food webs.  Then pick one food web and answer questions y through bb.

8. Energy Pyramid .  Use your worksheet and answer questions cc through ee.

9. Carbon cycle
Go to  Watch all scenes and answer questions ff through mm.

Then play the following carbon game:

10. Nitrogen Cycle
Go to  Answer questions nn through tt.

11. Water Cycle
Go to  Answer questions uu though xx.

When you are finished, go on to brainpop (eyerms, brainpop) and watch the following: Ecosystems, food chains, symbiosis, population growth and humans and their environments.

If you have finished that, you may search and print a current event article.

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