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Description of Course

Course Title:
Physics, Advanced Placement, Level C - # 464

Physics, AP students will be presented topics and mathematical skills to allow then to take the Physics, AP-C Exam and possibly receive college credit. If the student decided not to take the test, the student will become adequately prepared for scientist and pre-engineering college programs. The proscribed Physics, AP course content for the level C (calculus based) will be covered with 100% compliance. Previously covered mechanical concepts will be enhanced with additional mathematical techniques. The techniques will include three dimensional vectors, vector operators, differential calculus, and integral calculus. New topics (electricity and magnetism) will be introduced, demonstrated, and worked with at an accelerated rate. The mathematics of calculus must come alive in this part of the course. Students are required to develop a personal problem solving approach to many and varied problems. These problems will include conceptual, practical, applicational, and computer analysis.

Any student who successfully completes this course will be prepared to take the Physics AP, Level C Exam. Students will acquire a college level attitude towards learning. They will value pre-reading topics so that they can develop their questioning skills to maximize learning. They will also solve many problems to hone their familiarity with the specific concepts. Students will be able to assimilate a large body of knowledge and establish a cumulative awareness of the inter-related concepts of mechanics, electricity, and magnetism.

Prerequisite: Trigonometry, CP or Honors with and 90% or better and 84% or better in Physics CP or Honors with a concurrent enrollment in Calculus AB or higher, or instructor approval.

Serway, Raymond, and Jewett, John, Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics, 6th edition, Thomson/Brooks/Cole, 2004.


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