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Homework Page  Date: Monday, 6/9/14 

  * In the event of bad weather or anything should cause school to be closed, please note the following:

  •  Quizzes that were supposed to take place on the missed day(s) will take place when we return.
  • Assignments due on the missed day(s) as well as those originally due on the day we return are all due.
  • Language Arts:     
  •  DOL:  /(no new assignments)
     *DOL Quizzes :  -Students are responsible for writing the rule/reason they made a particular correction.
  •   Writing Response/Journal 
  • New prompt choices are introduced on Fridays.  The response needs to be written on a teacher provided form that breaks the paragraph into the three main required parts plus the copy of the prompt.  If this form is not available or if a student prefers to type it, the 4 sections need to be separated:  a copy of the prompt, the topic sentence, the body with supporting details, and a concluding sentence.
*Students were given information on how to create their response with two examples. This information should remain in their binder all year as a reference.

Choice #1


Choice #2




  • Poetry Unit:  

            *Poetry Book Project/due:  Friday, 5/30 (collected last Friday)

  • Class Writing: from 5/5-5/19 students are working on a poetry unit in reading class. Students will then finish the Poetry Book Project and turn it in in Language Arts class.   
  •  WOW :  Wow is now done for the year.  The May packet has been collected.
  •   Grammar:    Conjunctions :  Practice Quiz
  • Conjunctions Quiz:  Tues., 6/10 
  •  PSSA Practice:     (no new assignments)   
  •   Always have an independent reading book with you in every class!


Social Studies /India Unit    for the online textbook, follow directions found on either the "social studies resources" or "social studies" pages of this website

*Maps are not included with this online textbook...only text.

Today, students started learning about ancient China.


  1.  None
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