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Welcome 3rd grade monkeys of

Room 207!!!



"Back to School Letter" of the Willow 3rd Grade Team:

August 4, 2014

Dear Student,

Hello from the Willow Lane Third Grade Teaching Team!  Over the summer we’ve been busy getting ready for an exciting school year. Weʼre positive that youʼre going to love our cooperative environment. Weʼll be getting to know one another, following expectations & routines, and exploring/learning while working collaboratively. So come prepared to have a fun fall!  

Our team approach will encourage problem solving and critical thinking to strengthen individual interests/needs.  We’ll be planning our themes together, so get ready for some very intriguing, hands-on, multi-faceted lessons. There are 5 teachers this year; it is a possibility that you could have any of us for Mathematics or WIN. We hope youʼre looking forward to this new year because weʼre eager to get started.

Third grade is a huge transitional year, so weʼre suggesting items that will help you be better organized for the upcoming school year. Below is a list of things that would be helpful:

  • A one inch binder (anything larger will not fit in your desk with your assigned textbooks) for organizing materials with 5 sturdy, plastic coated, hole-punched, solid colored (red, blue, yellow, orange and green) two-pocket folders with pockets on the bottom, not on the sides

  • A supply box just big enough to hold all of your supplies (approximately 8x5) it must fit inside your desk; a shoebox size is much too large

  • Extra # 2 pencils (no lead refillable), many fine-tip colored markers, 3 pens, 3 highlighters, 2 glue sticks, and a pair of scissors

  • A black and a blue dry erase marker, and a black sock to use as an eraser/holder

  • A set of earbuds (headphones)- This one was not on the letter that was sent home.

  • 2 one-subject spiral notebooks & a clipboard

We hope you’ve enjoyed your summer vacation. Weʼre looking forward to seeing your smiling faces and positive attitudes on the first day of school.


Mrs. Merrill

Mrs. Van Ormer

Mrs. Vernon

Mrs. Wall

Mr. Weimann

The East Penn School District is an equal opportunity education institution and will not discriminate in its educational programs, activities or employment practices on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, ancestry, disability, union membership or other legally protected classification. Announcement of the policy is in accordance with state and federal laws, including Title VI, Title IX, Section 504 and Americans with Disabilities Act. Copyright 2009 East Penn School District.
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