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British Industrial Revolution Webquest

Research information using the links below or other trustworthy websites and answer the specific question about Socialism/Karl Marx. 

Present your answers in complete sentences. 

You can turn in your answers using Google Drive through Moodle (title the document with your last name and Ind Rev webquest) and sharing it to Heather Marsteller ( or turn them in on a separate piece of paper.

The file with these questions is under the downloads menu in case you lose your sheet from class.


Go to PowerPoint titled Socialism and Communism under downloads and World Studies tab at the top of this page.

  1. Who were Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels?

What made them write the Communist Manifesto?

What was the main idea of what they wrote?

Were their ideas successful at this time?

  1. What is the major idea behind Socialism? 

What is a Socialist Party?

Give some examples of what Socialist Parties are and where they were located. 

What were their specific goals?

Were they successful?

  1. What was the goal of Socialism?

Did this idea become popular during this time period?

How far did it spread?

Is Socialism in practice today in the world?

Are their any Socialist societies today that are successful?

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