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More About Mrs. P

Who do you live with? I live with my husband, Mike, my daughter, Grace, and my son, Ben.


What time did you get up this morning?  Sadly, my alarm went off at 6:00AM :(

Your favorite TV show?  I LOVE Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel.  

What do you usually have for breakfast?
 I usually have a yogurt and coffee.

What is your middle name? Rebecca.

What food do you dislike?  
I HATE liver.  It grosses me out! 

What is your favorite song? Strong Enough by Sheryl Crow.    

Favorite Sandwich? I really like banana, peanut butter, and fluff sandwich.    

What characteristic do you dislike? 
 I dislike people that are disrespectful to others.

Favorite item of clothing? 
Do baseball hats or sunglasses count as clothing? I couldn't live without my either of them!  

If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Alaska--I dream of sailing around icebergs!     

Favorite sport to watch? 
I don't really like sports; there are none that I would choose to watch. 

When is your birthday?  
November 21st. 

Are you a morning person or a night person? 
With a few cups of coffee, I can be a morning person.  I prefer the night.

Pets? I have two dogs named Rosie and Max.  Ben and Gracie had a fish named Diane but she is now our class pet.  

What did you want to be when you were little? 
I wanted to be teacher; my father was a math teacher.

What is your favorite candy?  I don't eat candy often; but, I do enjoy a Almond Joy once or twice a year.     

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Pink--It reminds me that women are strong.  It isn't a wimpy color to me:)    

Favorite soft drink? 
Stewert's Orange Cream soda  

Favorite food? 
I could eat sushi every day!

Favorite restaurant? Brass Rail- My family and I go there for breakfast every weekend.  

What was your favorite toy? 
My favorite toy still is my tin of Tinker Toys.  Ben and I build crazy things with them.  We once made a wagon to pull the dogs around the house!

Chocolate or Vanilla? 

What is under your bed? I am pretty sure a large family of dust bunnies live under my bed!     

Math or reading?  
I LOVE math.  I struggled with reading in school. 

What are you afraid of?  
I am afraid of large hairy spiders....ugh! 

Sweet or salty?  
I have moments where I enjoy both salty and sweet!

Favorite day of the week? My favorite day of the week is either Saturday or Sunday--whichever day I get to snuggle in bed with my kids and husband.

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