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Newest Links for 2011

Math & Science Links: 2-4

Math & Science Links: 5-8

The Math Lab  - This is a good general all around Mathematics site which even has Math puzzles and games.
Wolfram Math World  - For the budding Mathematical genius, try this site for complex Math areas.
Cool Math  - a wonderful resource for Algebra and other mathematics topics; it even has complete easy-to-follow math courses.

Language & Social Studies Links

Free Rice Vocabulary Game
Vocabulary Games--Illinois Site 
SAT Question of the Day

Geography Zone Challenge
Disney's Hot Shot Business Game
America's Story--Biographies from the Library of Congress
Time for Kids: Around the World--Country Overviews

Ben's Place the State U.S. Map Game (3 Levels)











Brain Teasers & Puzzlers  

       Website of the Month:   The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Lots of fun interesting interactive games.

  Brain Binders can you fold this page, into that shape, red on one side, yellow on the other?  Not as easy as it sounds...
  Brain Boosters Weekly challenge puzzle, plus great archives
  Brain Food Give your mind a work out on our devious collection of puzzles
  Braingle over 12,000 brain teasers, riddles, logic problems, quizzes and mind puzzles...
  BrainQuest It's OK to be smart!
  Brain Teasers A new teaser every week for Kids Mini-mysteries to solve, scary stories, magic tricks, and contests A kid's search engine and fun educational site 
  The Grey Labyrinth some of the toughest puzzles around, plus archives...  paint-by-number puzzles to solve online or offline
  Harry Potter Games & Puzzles
  Knossos Games Terrific brain teasers, featured on Johns' Hopkins Imagine magazine!
  Labyrinth Make your own mazes, and solve them in 3D!
  Mastermind interactive version of traditional logic game.  Choose 2 to 6 colors, and play!
  MazeWorks download interactive (Java) games, including Fiver, Peg Solitaire, and more...
  Mystery Masters Logic Puzzles puzzles and grids, to solve...
  The Rudiments of Wisdom  Encyclopedia Illustrated factoids designed by an engineer/cartoonist
  Puzzlemaker Make your own mazes, word searches, math squares, cryptograms...
  Puzzle Parlor  interactive GamePuzzles
  Puzzle Playground great mind benders, with new puzzles every two weeks, courtesy of Thinkfun (Binary Arts)
  Quiz Hub interactive games, puzzles, quizzes and more
  SAT Question of the Day fun, and good practice!
  SET, Quiddler and Xactika check out the Puzzles of the Day!
  The New York Times SET Puzzle 4 puzzles a day...
  Tangram Ancient Chinese moving piece puzzle, including history, downloads, links...
  Tower of Hanoi interactive version of the traditional puzzle
  WebSuduko  Number puzzle, but no math required... trillions of puzzles!
  or for a shareware PC game try Sudoku

Logic & Critical Thinking

  Conceptis Puzzles  logic puzzles, including pixel puzzles, dot-to-dots, Sudoku, Kakuro, Battleship, and more
  Mystery Master Logic Puzzles traditional logic puzzles, with printable solving grids
  Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection a collection of small computer programs for one-player puzzle games (PC, Unix, Mac)


Optical Illusions

  77 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena  but better than the illusions, are the terrific explanations of each one!
  Dr. Angry and Mr. Calm an interesting illusion...
  Dynamic Optical Illusions intriguing selection of old, new and exclusive optical illusions
  IllusionWorks Welcome to the fascinating world of illusions...
  Interest Optical Illusion is it moving, or still?
  Magic Eye stereograms, construction and more, plus great links!
  The Truth About the Spinning Dancer the illusion, explanation, and hints to see both ways!
  World of Escher Learn about Escher's art, plus Penrose's puzzles, and submit your own or vote for your favorite modern tessellations! 


Plexers / Rebuses / Wacky Wordies / Frame Games / Punzzles

  Frame Games  USA Today's weekly game, plus tons of archives...
  Miscellaneous Puzzles including 8 pages of Wackie Wordies
  Plexers of the Month
  Puzzle Soup dozens of Wordies, sorted by subject
  Rebuses (annoying sound, but 100 good puzzles)
  Rebus Puzzle Brainteasers from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kid Pages
  Rebus Puzzles 100 puzzles (with ads, but running Google Toolbar or Windows XP blocks most, and the big ad hides the answers from the page before)
  Visual Puns
  WhAkY wOrDiEs even movement is important...
  Wordies on the Web
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