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Mysterious Benedict Society Reading Schedule

Mysterious Benedict Society Reading Schedule

Who are you most like when it comes to getting your journal assignment done?

Reynie splits the reading & journal 
writing over 5 nights
 and keeps his 
weekends free.

Constance never completes her 
reading or writing 
and doesn't care!

Sticky completes the whole assignment
 in one night, but 
worries about it all 
week long.

Kate completes the reading in 1 day and 
the writing on another
 day and never worries,
 because she did her 


Important Note: Since we are meeting bi-weekly, the reading assignments are longer. Do not wait until the last minute to read them. Chunk your reading assignment over the course of the two weeks given. You will discuss and be tested on your comprehension of the reading material in class. 


Session 1: Read to page 65 and stop!

Due: 1/12/2018  


Session 2: Read pp. 67-130

Date: 1/19/2018


Session 3: Read pp. 131 - 252

Due: 2/9/2018


Session 4: Read pp. 253-369

Due: 2/23/2018


 Session 5: Read pp. 371-485

Due: 3/8/2018



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