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Did you know?

The list will keep growing all year.  If you have an interesting fact to share, email it to Mrs. Dweck at  It may be published on this page.

Here is a fun bedtime story fact that most people do not know. Dr. Seuss pronounced his name as rhyming with joyce, not rhyming with moose.


If you put all the ants in the world on one side of a scale and all the human beings on the other side, the ants would be heavier.


Honey is the only food that never spoils. Honey was found by archaeologists in ancient pharoah tombs and it was still totally edible.


Talk about important facts, we never disappoint. The average Big Mac bun will have 178 sesame seeds on it.


Tell this to your parents the next time you cannot get them off the phone. About half the people alive today have never made or received a phone call.


The reason why macadamia nuts are so expensive is it's virtually impossible for a mortal human being to open the shell without destroying the nut.


Here is a stat that surprised me. 28% of Africa is considered to be wilderness. In North America 38% is considered to be wilderness.


Americans love America, they have no choice they cannot leave if they tried. Less than 20 percent of us possess valid passports.


Human beings are so predictable. The most common computer password is "123456." The second most common password is "PASSWORD."


The average Japanese CEO of a major corporation earns ten times as much as an average worker. In the United States, the ratio is 300 to 1.


The average prison sentence by the courts in the United States is 29 years. Sound a little harsh? In Colombia it is 137 years.


A wonderful variety of people. New York City has more Italians than Rome, Jewish people than Tel Aviv and more Irish than Dublin.


How important is a few seconds? Very competitive marathoners will have their toenails removed so they can run faster.


OK, I have heard it all. There is a company called that make business cards made out of beef jerky for $7.50 a card.


Good incentive to get to the ballot box. In Fiji, Chile, and Egypt you can be jailed if you do not vote in an election.


If you want to drive yourself crazy, count while writing your next email. 56 percent of all typing on average is done with your left hand.


There have been 24 documented cases of a Japanese man dying while cracking skulls doing their traditional bow greeting one another.


The three most common phobias of Americans in order: Fear of spiders, fear of social situations, and fear of flying.


‎2,000 non working fire hydrants are on New York City streets. They are kept there so the city can make more revenue from parking tickets.


Do not try this at home, or on a safari. A four foot child can stand completely straight up inside a hippo's mouth.


Can you hear me now? It is hard to truly get away from it all wherever you go. If you are on top of Mount Everest you will have cell phone reception.


I would love to do business with the guy who bought this. A corn flake shaped like the state of Illinois was purchased for $1,350 on Ebay.


Now I know where I am going to take my family a few years down the road. Singapore is the only country on Earth where parents are legally responsible to take care of their parents when they are elderly.


(Facts are from Brainetics. More to come during the year.)



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