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Microsoft Word

This course will provide students with the knowledge required to create documents using Microsoft Word 2013 and will include fundamental and advanced techniques.  Upon successful completion of the course, students will be prepared to complete the Microsoft Certification Application Specialist Exam.  In the business and education community, job applicants with this certification are recognized as proven experts using Microsoft Word.

Objectives for the MCAS test

MCAS Online Study Guide  


Sample Word 2007 Certification Test

MCAS Sample Test


Need to access student data files?  Click here.


Chapter 1-Creating, Formatting, and Editing a Word Document with a Picture

Lesson 1 PowerPoint

Lesson 1 Notes

Lesson 1 Parts of the Word Screen Handout

Lesson 1 and 2 Review Sheet

Lesson 1 Work Due

Chapter 2-Creating a Research Paper with References and Sources

Lesson 2 PowerPoint

Lesson 2 Notes

Lesson 2 Memo Sheet

Lesson 2 Work Due

Chapter 3-Creating a Business Letter with a Letterhead and Table

Lesson 3 PowerPoint

Lesson 3 Notes

Lesson 3 Review Sheet

Lesson 3 Work Due

Chapter 4-Creating a Document with a Title Page, Lists, Tables, and a Watermark

Lesson 4 PowerPoint

Lesson 4 Notes

Lesson 4 Review Sheet

Lesson 4 Work Due

Lesson 4 Challenge Yourself Activity Handout

Chapter 5-Using a Template to Create a Resume and Sharing a Finished Document

Lesson 5 PowerPoint

Lesson 5 Notes

Lesson 5 Review Sheet

Lesson 5 Work Due

Chapter 6-Generating Form Letters, Mailing Labels, and a Directory

Lesson 6 PowerPoint

Lesson 6 Notes

Lesson 6 Review Sheet

Lesson 6 Work Due

Chapter 7-Creating a Newsletter with a Pull-Quote and Graphics

Advanced Lesson 1 PowerPoint

Advanced Lesson 1 Notes

Advanced Lesson 1 Review Sheet

Advanced Lesson 1 Work Due

Chapter 8-Using Document Collaboration, Integration, and Charting Tools

Advanced Lesson 2 PowerPoint

Advanced Lesson 2 Notes

Advanced Lesson 2 Review Sheet

Advanced Lesson 2 Work Due

Auto Dealership Project

Chapter 9-Creating a Reference Document with a Table of Contents and an Index

Advanced Lesson 3 PowerPoint

Advanced Lesson 3 Notes

Advanced Lesson 3 Work Due

Chapter 10-Creating a Template for an Online Form

Advanced Lesson 3 PowerPoint

Advanced Lesson 3 Notes

Advanced Lesson 3 Work Due

Chapter 11-Enhancing an Online Form and Using Macros

Advanced Lesson 3 PowerPoint

Advanced Lesson 3 Notes

Advanced Lesson 3 Work Due

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