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                                                           Project Bookmarks:


    Many teachers have favorite sites that students visit again and again for completion of their projects. Rather than simply typing or "googling" for these sites--some of which have long URLs that challenge the user's accuracy--students can access them directly from the library computer's desktop through the Project Bookmarks icon...or here. The links are organized alphabetically, according to subject matter. Just click and go!                                  Topics D through H:

diseases and disorders: Cancer Resources from OncoLink ; CDC ;

          Diseases and Conditions in Yahoo! Directory ;

          Diseases and DisordersGenetic Conditions--Rare Conditions ;

          MedlinePlus Health Info. World Health Organization

earth and space science: amethyst galleries' mineral gallery ;

          carbon footprint; Climate.orgConserving Energy with Landscaping ;

          Energy Savers Landscape WdbrkFarmstead Windbreak ;

          Global Warming Early Warning Signs ;

          Historical Hurricane Tracks ; aggie-horticulture ; ;

          iowabeefcenter ; ; Hurricane 2009! (AccuW) ;

          Landscaping for Energy Conservation ; Marine Life ;

          Mineralogy Database I ; Mineralogy Database II ;

          Minerals by Name ; National Hurricane Center ;

          National Park Foundation ; National Park Service ;

          Natural Disasters Info. ; National Climatic Data Center ;

          NOAA Photo Library ;

          Shelterbelt-Windbreak Implementation on Farm ;

          Tsunami Disaster in Asia, 2004 ; Tsunami in Banda Aceh, 2005 ;

          US Tornadoszones (Zone 6)

entrepreneurs' help page: help page

history day: NARA Digital Classroom ; National History Day

humanities: American Cultural History (1920-29) ; NY Times Book Review ;

           Famous Trials (UMKC School of Law)PBS ; Stanford White Murder ;

           The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy ; WWW-VL

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