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Click on the links below to access online games, online leveled readers, and words that we are currently working on. Have fun!


LA Learning Links                                  Math Learning Links


Spelling Links                                           Word Families


  Alphabet Sound Chant  Kindergarten Sight Word Review


Pronunciation of Sounds                        Story Books Online




Number Formation Poems                    







LA Learning Ideas and Links

How can you help increase your youngster's word family skills?  Try one or more of these ideas listed below!

1.  An Envelope of Words:   To encourage your child to practice letter patterns, write the words on paper and cut each letter apart.  Place the letters in an envelope, and label it with the word family.  Then ask your child to build words.  Your child could also write the words he/she makes on paper, chalkboard, markerboard, etc.  This activity can be extended to making sentences and cutting them apart to rebuild.

2.  Scrabble Pieces:   Use letter tiles from your Scrabble game to build words.  When your child makes a word,  math facts could also be practiced.

3.  Nursury Rhymes/Dr. Seuss books:  Place small sticky notes over words in the story that contain word chunks.  Let your child play a guessing game and guess what spelling patterns/words belong it the space.  Lift the stick note to check your answer.

4.  Magnetic Letters:  Invite your child to use magnetic letters to build words on the refrigerator.

5.  Texture Writing:    Ask to child to make words by using a variety of textures:  Play-Doh, shaving cream, sand, markers, chalk, crayons, finger paint, waterpaint, etc.

Any games that are used to practice these words such as:  BINGO, Word Search, etc. would be a great way to practice.  Most importantly, READ!  Share books with your child every day.  After reading a story for enjoyment, challenge your child to search in the text for word families he or she knows.

Great websites for additional practice can be found below.

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Math Learning Links

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Spelling Websites

        This website can test, teach, or allow you to play a game using your spelling words!  All of the word lists for the year are uploaded to the website.The vocabulary lists are first, so you must click pages 2 and 3 to get the spelling lists.

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Word Families
              I will add the word families that our class has been practicing so that you may access and reinforce them at home.

Word Families    







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 Alphabet Sound Chant

 I created an audio recording of our sound card chants. Click    

to listen to my recording. This would be a great way to practice at home! Enjoy!


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Kindergarten Sight Word Review List

Click here for a list of the kindergarten sight words. These words are reviewed the first two weeks of school. After those first two weeks we will begin to learn new spelling and high frequency words. Review these words with your child to assist them with their foundational skills at the start of the year. 





Sound Pronunciation

*Coming Soon!* I will be providing audio of the correct way to pronounce letter sounds. This audio will provide a description of the parts of the mouth used to articulate each sound.

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 Story Books Online

 Tumblebooks provides quality books for at home reading. These stories are read to the child. This source is great for building listening skills and fluency and it can provide you with a new book to read each night! Click here to explore. Click on the Tumblebooks icon.

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 Handwriting Help

You may visit this helpful handwriting site to provide your child a visual of letter formation. The helpful spider models correct formation as he writes the letter. This site also provides an opportunity for your child to put their mouse skills to the test. He/she may try writing their letters using the mouse. Please keep in mind, this does not necessarily assist with writing as it is asking the child to utilize different muscles to form the letter.

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 Number Formation Poems

This booklet was handed out in class, however I am also providing access on the internet in case the paper is lost. Click here for the poems.


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  Sight Word Cards

Print and cut out these words. Use as flashcards or move them around and make sentences!

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