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The Daily 5

The Daily 5 is a student-driven management structure designed to fully engage students in reading and writing.  These five literacy activities in which the students are engaged are the most pivotal that reasearchers have found to make a difference in reading achievement. 

Read to Yourself

The best way to become a better reader is to practice each day, with books you choose, on your just-right reading level.  It soon becomes a habit.  There are 3 ways one can read a book:

1. Read and talk about the pictures

2. Read the words

3. Retell a previously read book

What is a Good-Fit Book?

The I PICK Rap!
When you click this link, you will be asked to log into Moodle.
Please use your child's student number and the password "go" to log in.

    Read to Someone

Reading to someone allows for more time to practice strategies, helping you work on fluency and expression, check for understanding, hear your own voice, and share in the learning community.

Work on Writing

Just like reading, the best way to become a better writer is to practice writing each day.  

Listen to Reading

When we hear examples of good literature and fluent reading, we learn more words, thus expanding our vocabulary and becoming better readers.  
Click on my Fun Websites link to listen to various books online!

Spelling/Word Work

Correct spelling allows for more fluid writing, thus speeding up the ability to write and get thinking down on paper.  This is an essential foundation for writers.

(Boushey G., and Moser, J.  The Daily 5.)


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