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Read, Read, Read a Book!

Harcourt Language Arts Themes

Language Arts consists of reading, writing, listening and speaking.  In first grade, w will engage in whole group lessons to model reading strategy usage.   We will also be implementing Guided Reading groups.  Guided Reading is small group reading instruction where children are taught various reading strategies according to their reading level.  I may also group students with different reading levels together to practice a particular reading strategy (or skills) with their good-fit books.   

As always, please encourage your child to read regularly each night! 

Harcourt Reading Series website -> Here you can find leveled readers for whichever reading level your child is on.  There are also great parent resources here!

 Harcourt Sound Cards ->This is how we learn our letter sounds.  They are practiced almost every day in school. 

Be sure to check out the "Parent/Student information" section of this site for more Language Arts activities!


Access to ThinkCentral

Do you want access to the stories we read at school?  Do you want to have a closer look at the Language Arts and Math materials being taught?  If so, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the by clicking on the link below.  You may consider opening the link in a new window, so that you can easily refer back to these directions.
  2. Enter the username and password provided below.  
  3. Once you've logged in, you can click on the "MY LIBRARY" tab on the right side.
  4. Now you should see ALL of our materials.  You can view Language Arts or Math materials separately by using the drop down menu at the top.  
  5. You may want to take a few moments to browse some of the materials, but for now try to view one of the stories from Lesson #1:  "Let's Tap" 
  6. Use the drop down menu to view LANGUAGE ARTS materials only.  Then click on the "StoryTown Student Edition G1" icon.  On the next screen select "BOOK 1."  Now you should see a viewable version of our reading anthology opening up.  The story begins on page 28.  You can enter the page number in a window near the bottom of the screen.  You can also view the story one page, or two pages at a time.  Look along the top of the screen for viewing options.  
  7. Enjoy!  I will always include weekly story titles and page numbers in your Weekly Study Guide - the first one will be available the second week of school.  Thanks!

Click here for the THINKCENTRAL log-in screen

Username:  student1

Password:  reading

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