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Lower Macungie Middle School
History Day 2001
Exhibit Pictures

Group Exhibits

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
(no picture at this time)
"Through the Years of Disney Animation"
"Harvard: The First Step to Higher Education"
"The Space Race: Opening a Window to the Stars"
Susan Morrow, Andrea Mory,
Laura Stauffer, Megan Walsh
Cindy Yang, Julie Yoon
Sarah Beal, Fran Muhrer
1st Alternate
2nd Alternate
"The Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Frontier in American Exploration"
"Women Suffrage Rights"
Andrew Norelli, Jay Werber
Val Tracy, Alex Teale

Individual Exhibits

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
"The Harford Soldiers' Orphan School: Preserving a Generation"
"Asa Packer: Leads the Lehigh Valley from the Frontier to the Industrial Age"
"Expanding Frontiers of Expression: Pablo Picasso"
Kristin Rhodes
Adam Benner
Tiffany Lillegard
1st Alternate
2nd Alternate (tie)
2nd Alternate (tie)
"Voyager 2, the first spacecraft to explore the four outer planets: A frontier in space"
"The Salk Vaccine: A Historical Breakthrough in Polio"

"The Purpose and Development of the Great Wall of China in the Qin, Han, and Ming Dynasties"

Kara Mosovsky
Ryan Hinkle
Keriann Skawski
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