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Welcome to 6th grade in Pod 1:)

Please use this to check for daily and long term assignments as well as resources throughout the year.      

Links to our individual webpages

Room 108, Ms. Snow

Room 110, Mr. Krempasky

Room 104, Mrs. Berndt

Room 120, Mr. Domyan

Room 122, Mrs. Hastie

Room 106, Miss Frontino

Room 633, Mrs. Urban

Room 119, Mrs. Toth

Mrs. Keeler 

Important Eyer Information

1. Mr. Domyan's list of Pyrca Books can be downloaded on the top left corner of our site.

2. Spirit Week is Monday, 2/1 - Friday, 2/5

Monday - PJ Day

Tuesday - Pennsylvania Day - in honor of the legend himself, Punxsutawney Phil, wear something that represents PA

Wednesday - Twin Day

Thursday - School Pride - wear high school or college garb or Eyer attire

Friday - 6th grade - wear white for red, white, and blue day.





Pod One Homework Board

              Reading Homework - Mr. Domyan

Look under downloads button (above) for PYRCA Book List and Book Report Forms

There will be a total of nine book reports due for the school year (one each month).   These are to be done on approved indpendent books.   Students may turn book reports in early and earn a bonus point for doing so.  Once all nine book reports are turned in a student may choose to do another book report if he or she would like to try and earn a higher grade.  In order to do so, the initial graded book report must be turned in with the new book report.  Therefore, students should hold on to all of their book reports until the end of the year.  These should be kept in the binder directly after the Book Log.

Period 1

(usually every class will have the same homework as Period 1)

Newsela class code


Read for your book report.  January book reports are due NLT Monday, 2/1/16.

On Friday, 1/29 we will be going over the 10 page packet (Latin terms, prefixes, suffixes, etc.) that we have been working on, so make sure you are totally finished and prepared.

Period 2

Newsela Class Code


If you don't see something specific for a date or your class just look at  the Period 1 info.


Period 3

Newsela Class Code


If you don't see something specific for a date or your class just look at the Period 1 info.


      Period 7

Newsela Class Code


If you don't see something specific for a date or your class just look at the Period 1 info.


        Period 8

Newsela Class Code


If you don't see something specific for a date or your class just look at the Period 1 info.


Language Arts Homework  

Mrs. Hastie     



Online book password:

User Name


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Password -





 Work on revising your first draft(Spend 15 minutes with your draft)

Revision Goals

1. Adding explanations

-How can you hammer home the points you want the readers to really get?


2. Adding sentence starters to give credit to where you got your information

-According to.....

-In the article__________________ it states...



3. Look for places to add better details

-How can I paint a picture of my point in the reader's head?

-How can I be more specific?












                    Math Homework  - All periods 1,2,3, 7, and 8


2/1 - page 19 Lesson Quiz #'s 1-4


2/2 - page 21 #'s 1-9 using the Ladder method


2/3 - page 21-22 #'s 10-13


2/4 - page 29 in notes #1-2; Page 30 #'s 1-3


2/5 - page 29 and 30 #'s 3 and 4 and 4-6

ALL Math Classes

To login to the online book:

 Username: snowv1

 Password: snowv1

 Long Term Projects

Study Island assignment

LOGIN: students ID.eyer

password: regular student password


Due by

Social Studies Homework  

All Classes




Week of 2/1

Monday, 2/1 - Start studying for Chapter 3 Test - It will be next Monday, 2/8.

Tuesday, 2/2 - Study for upcoming test.

Wednesday, 2/3 - Finish crossword puzzle from class. Study the crossword, your practice essay, and notecards.

Thursday, 2/4 - STUDY!

Friday, 2/5 - Study for test! The crossword puzzle is a great study too.  Practice rewriting your essay!  Egypt Test Monday!


Week of 1/25 - 1/29

Monday, 1/25 - Snow

Tuesday, 1/26 - Snow

Wednesday, 1/27 - For tomorrow's class, bring your BYOD device if possible.

Thursday, 1/28 - Finish graphic organizer from class relating to the social classes of Egypt.  Click on the link below to access the article.  You are responsible for explaining what roles in society each of the five classes had.  Remember, our chart differs from the pyramid given on the website.

The Social Structure Of Ancient Egypt | Social Pyramid

Friday, 1/29 - Finish your sample essay on the five social classes of Egypt.  This was started in class today.  We will review them on Monday.


-Here are the links for the online book and Quizlet:

Online Book User Name:


Password: Eyer1234





Science Homework 


Periods 1, 2, 3 7, 8   


Week of 2/1-2/5

2/1- Chapter 1 test on Thursday. 

2/2- Study for the chapter 1 test on Thursday.

2/3- Chapter 1 test tomorrow. 

2/4- no homework

2/5- Superhero project was introduced today- see me if you weren't in class. 

Week of 1/25-1/29

1/25- snow day

1/26- snow day

1/27- Quiz today on elements, compounds, and mixtures. Field trip packets sent home- sign and return permission slips by 3/4. Money will be collected 2/22-3/4. 

1/28- Finish study if not done in class. Field trip permission slips due back no later than 3/4. Money will be collected from 2/22-3/4. 


Week of 1/19-1/22

1/19- No homework. 

1/20- Elements, compounds, and mixtures worksheet for periods 1,2,7 and 8. All classes have a section 1.3 quiz on Monday. 

1/21- 1. Matter and Energy 1.3 fill in the blanks. 2. Elements, compounds, and mixtures.  ** Quiz on 1.3 is Monday- use the optional study guide to help you prepare** 

1/22- Quiz on 1.3 on Monday. 

Week of 1/11-1/15

1/11- Quiz on elements was today- no homework. 

1/12- These two elements worksheet. 

1/13- Chemical formula chart. You can use the periodic table in your assignment book on page R11.  There will be a quiz on chemical formulas on Friday. 

1/14- Finish chemical compound worksheet. Quiz will be tomorrow. 

1/15- No homework

Week of 1/4-1/8

1/4- No homework

1/5- Finish "Using the Periodic Table" from class- there is a periodic table in your assignment book. 

1/6- Quiz on Elements will be on Monday. This is part of section 1.3. 

1/7- Elements quiz on Monday. 

1/8- Finish the atomic number and atomic mass table if not already finished in class.  The front side "A world famous table" is extra practice for the elements quiz on Monday.  

Week of 12/21-12/23

12/21- Quiz on atoms tomorrow- it is section 1.1 and 1.2. 

12/22- No homework. 

Week of 12/14-12/18

12/14- No homework. 

12/15- No homework.

12/16- No homework.

12/17- The atomic structure of matter worksheet. Quiz on sections 1.1 and 1.2 will be on Tuesday. 

Week of 12/7-12/11

12/7- Organization table for the brochure: Complete information up to and including Contrasting. Final project due 12/11. 

12/8- Finish the information on the organization table. 

12/9- We worked on the brochure in class today and will work on it in class tomorrow as well- it is due Friday. 

12/10- Brochure due tomorrow. 


Week of 12/1-12/4

12/1- No homework

12/2- No homework

12/3- Classifying worksheet.

12/4- Travel brochure project will be due 12/11- Next Friday.  

Week of 11/23-11/25

11/23- Finish fact and opinion packet if not done in class. 

11/24- Finish fact and opinion packet if not done in class. 

11/25- We will go over the fact and opinion packet on Tuesday- Enjoy the break!

Week of 11/16-11/20

11/16- Metric tests were returned today. No homework 

11/17- Finish the comparing/contrasting worksheet. 

11/18- No homework. 

11/19- No homework.

11/20- No homework.

Week of 11/9-11/13

11/9- Density quiz tomorrow-Metric unit test on Friday.

11/10- Metric measurement unit test on Friday. 

11/11- Finish Metric review packet if not done in class...test will be on Friday. 

11/12- Metric test tomorrow. 

11/13- No homework

Week of 11/2-11/6

11/2- Finish the volume review packet if not finished in class- there are two parts that cannot be complete at home: measuring the volume of the block and box and measuring the volume of the cylinder (rock).  Quiz on volume is tomorrow. 

11/3- Volume quiz was today, no homework. 

11/4 - no homework; period 2 finish worksheet

11/5- period 3 and 7 only: finish Density review problems. 

11/6- Finish calculating the density of each cube.  Density quiz on Tuesday. 

Week of 10/26-10/30

10/26- No homework. 

10/27- Regular solid volume packet.  Quiz on volume will be Tuesday. 

10/28- Volume quiz on Tuesday

10/29- Volume quiz on Tuesday. 


Week of 10/19-10/23

10/19- Mass quiz and performance assessment on Wednesday. 

10/20- Mass quiz and performance assessment on tomorrow.

10-21- quiz was today- no homework

10/22- Finish volume conversions worksheet.  Find an item at home with a metric volume measurement and write it down.

10/23- Same homework as yesterday.  


Week of 10/13-10/16

10/13- Length quiz was today- no homework.

10/14- Finish the mass packet from class- p. 3 Comparing masses and p. 4 Mass conversions. 

10/15- No homework. 

10/16- Mass quiz and performance assessment will be on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. 


Week of 10/5-10/9

10/5- No homework- length quiz will be Friday or Monday. 

10/6- Length quiz on Tuesday.

10/7- Finish measuring length packet. Length quiz on Tuesday.

10/8- Length quiz on Tuesday.  

10/9 - Length quiz on Tuesday.

Week of 9/28-10/2

9/28- Quiz was today, no homework. 

9/29- Quiz was returned today- No homework.

9/30- No homework.

10/1- Finish the back side of the temperature lab if not done in class. 

10/2- No homework

Week of 9/21-9/25

9/21- Complete the Metric mania challenge page in the packet.  Must complete at least up to #15 in the middle section. Quiz on prefixes, units, and conversions will be Friday. 

9/22- Quiz on Metric system was moved to MONDAY due to picture day on Friday. Bring your picture form to science with you on Friday. 

9/24- Quiz on Monday. Bring your picture form to science tomorrow. 

9/25- Finish facing math for Monday- There is a mistake on the last problem- the answer is not one of the two choice, so you can decide if you would like to color the person or not.  Quiz on Metric prefixes and conversions will be Monday. 


Week of 9/14-9/18

9/14- All periods...Bring in an item with a metric measurement on it by Thursday. 

9/15- Same as yesterday. 

9/16- There will be a quiz on metric units and prefixes as well as conversions next week...probably Thursday and Friday. You can use quizlet to help review and study. *If you did not bring in an item with a metric measurement on it, you need it by tomorrow.

9/17- Quiz on Metric units, prefixes, and conversions next week.  Use Quizlet to help study.  

9/18- Metric quiz will be next Friday. 


Information from class



Science power points are located on Mrs. Berndt's science website under downloads. 






Websites for Pronouns:

Only if done the others:





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