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Pod 1's Homework Board
(scroll down to find all the information you needSmile).

Welcome to 6th grade in Pod 1:)

Please use this to check for daily and long term assignments as well as resources throughout the year.  

Links to our individual webpages

Room 108, Ms. Snow

Room 110, Mr. Krempasky

Room 104, Mrs. Berndt 

Room 106, Mr. Miller

Room 633, Mrs. Urban

Room 119, Mrs. Toth

Language Arts Homework  

Mr. Krempasky 

Online book password:


User Name -

Eyer Bulldogs

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Password -





Language Arts - 


Week of 12/15/14 - 12/19/14

Reading - READ EVERY NIGHT!Begin reading your December books.  Reports will be due at the end of the month.  Read your fiction books for the report.  If you read a little each night, this project will be much easier for you to complete on time.                

              DECEMBER BOOK REPORT - Begin reading your fiction book for the end of the month.  Due date 12/23.

                Monday - "The Tail" questions 1 - 6 from today's worksheet (text-dependent questions).  Due Wednesday.

                Wednesday - In class, we re-read "The Tail" and reviewed questions 1 - 6.  Test for The Tail will be tomorrow.



                Monday - Pronoun packet - pages 115 - 116 (bottom only...which ends on 117).  Due Wednesday.

                Wednesday - Pronoun Packet - 117 - 118 (finish packet).  Pronouns test will be Monday, 12/22.

                 Thursday - Pronouns Test on Monday 12/22.


Writing -



Mrs. Berndt 


Week of 12/15-12/19

Monday- December book project was started in class today, we worked on setting and the book cover tag.  This should be completed for homework if not done in class.  Grammar- pronoun review p. 115-118- odds only, do not do exercise 1 on page 116.  Reading- "The Tail" finish the 6 questions on the worksheet started in class. 

Tuesday-December book project on Thinglink should have the setting tag done for Friday.  We will be going to the lab again Friday to work on character trait.  Grammar- Same as last night. Reading- Same as last night.

Wednesday- December book project.  Grammar- pronoun packet review on p. 115-118 even #s. test will be on Monday.  Reading- "The Tail" test tomorrow.

Thursday- We will be working on character trait for Thinglink tomorrow during class.  Grammar- pronoun test is on Monday. 

Friday- Thinglink- character trait should be finished for Monday. We will work on the Theme and finishing all the tags in class. Grammar- pronoun test on Monday- please visit the websites found on the bottom of this page to practice and review for the test. 

Week of 12/8-12/12

Monday- Read December book, a graphic organizer was handed out today to work on for Monday.  We will be going to the computer lab on 12/15 to work on the setting for Thinglink.  Grammar- p. 109 and 110- pronouns and antecedents.  Reading- "The Tail" anticipation guide.

Tuesday- December book.  Grammar- p. 111 and 112 possessive pronouns.  Writing link can be done for a PAWS sticker- there should be 4 sentences.  Reading- "The Tail" vocabulary warm up, p. 19 in the packet.

Wednesday- December book. Grammar-p. 113 and 114 indefinite pronouns odd numbers only.  Reading- "The Tail" reading warm up.

Thursday- December book, we will be working on the Thinglink project Monday during class.  Grammar- reflexive pronouns page 1.  Winter party sign up paper due back by Monday.

Friday- December book should be almost finished. We will be working on the Thinglink project on Monday, you should be able to complete the setting section of the project.  Grammar- reflexive pronouns page 2.  Reading- "The Tail"- inference page in the packet.  Winter party sign up paper due on Monday if you would like to bring in any items.

Week of 12/2-12/5

Tuesday- December books were chosen today, please bring to class everyday. We will be doing the same Thinglink project for the month of December. Grammar- pronouns page 18 in your packet, homework practice #1-8 only.  Article of the Week- 15 total symbols...5 per page.  

Wednesday-December book report will be the same Thinglink project as November.  Article of the Week- 5 comments in the margins.

Thursday- Continue reading your December book the first day of computer lab time for the project will be 12/15.  Grammar- p. 105-106 all (bonus- 3 sentences at the bottom of page 106). Article of the Week- 4 questions.

Friday- Continue reading December books.  Grammar- p. 107-108 all numbers. Article of the Week- 4 square and the essay.

Week of 11/24-11/26

Monday- No language arts today. Pen pal letter final copy due tomorrow. Argumentative essay due tomorrow- this can be typed in Google docs. November book project on Thinglink is due Dec. 2nd. We will be working on this during class tomorrow.


Wednesday- Thinglink project due Dec. 2nd the day we get back from break.


Week of 11/17-11/21

Monday- Pen pal letter 4 square should be finished for tomorrow.  Writing- re-do parts of your argumentative 4 square to included feedback from partner.  Grammar quiz on nouns will be on Thursday.

Tuesday- Pen pal letter rough draft due Thursday. Writing- rough draft for argumentative due tomorrow. Grammar- possessive nouns exercises 1 and 2- quiz on Thursday.

Wednesday- Pen pal letter rough draft due tomorrow. Writing- edit argumentative rough draft, final copy will be due Tuesday. Grammar- review packet odd # only. Quiz on nouns will be tomorrow.

Thursday- We will be visitingthe book fair tomorrow! Argumentative essay due Tuesday. Pen pal letter final copy is due Tuesday, I will hand out final copy paper tomorrow. We started the Thinglink project today and will continue to work on it in class on Tuesday.  The final project is due by Dec. 2.

Friday- November book project Thinglink due Dec. 2nd. We will be working on this during class on Tuesday. Pen pal letter final copy due Tuesday. Argumentative essay due Tuesday- this can be typed in Google docs.




Ms. Snow




Always have a book to read:) 

Week of 12/15-19

Monday - pronouns - page 115-116 (skip ex. 1 with verbs) for Wed.; Dec. book and Thinglink; Reading - The Tail, answer all 6 questions for Wed.

Tuesday - check Monday

Wednesday -pronouns - review; Dec. book

Thursday - pronouns test is Monday; Dec Book project

Friday - Dec. Book project completed by Tuesday Dec. 23rd; pronoun test Monday Dec. 22nd


Week of 12/8-12/12

Monday - Pronouns page 111-112 Possessive Pronouns; Anticipation Guide for the story "The Tail"; December book

Tuesday - pronouns - none; December book; Reading Vocab A and B page 18-19

Wednesday - pronouns - page 114 indefinite pronouns; Test for pronouns is 12/22; Reading - Rdg Warm Up for the story The Tail; Dec. Book - we are going to the library on 12/15,12/19, and 12/22 to work on Dec Book project

Thursday -pronoun packet -reflexive pronouns; Reading - none for story; December book

Friday -pronoun packet - reflexive pronouns 2nd page; Dec. book; finish Inference page in reading packet if not done in class today


                   updated on:    Math Homework 

Period 6


Week of 12/15-12/19

Monday - 2.6 review in notes packet (between pages 32-33); Test is Thursday on the entire Chapter

Tuesday - - 2.8 practice worksheet #'s 1-10, ET tomorrow and Chapter test Thursday

Wednesday - Test Thursday

Thursday -none

Friday -no afternoon classes


Week of 12/8-12/12

Monday - page 25 and 26 in notes, Lesson Quiz #'s 1-4 and 2.4 practice worksheet #'s 1-9.

Tuesday - page 27 in notes #'s 10-13; finish classwork if not done

Wednesday- page 30 in notes lesson Quiz - #'s 1-4 only

Thursday -

Friday - page 37 #'s 1-10; Unit Test next Thursday 12/18


Week of 12/1-12/5

Monday - off

Tuesday 2.3 practice worksheet in notes #'s 1-12 page 16

Wednesday - 2.4 Practice worksheet in notes #'s 1-16 - use the 3 step process that I showed in class 1) equation 2) substitute in  3) sovle and tellwhether they are equal or not

Thursday - I was out for a conference

Friday - 2.2 Review #'s 1-8 all; between pages 12-13 in notes


Week of 11/24-11/26

Monday - 2.2 Practice worksheet - complete both sides - any probems not done; 1,2,15,16, and backside. Entrance ticket Wednesday - anyone not here Wed. please see me Tuesday to take Entrance Ticket

Tuesday - no afternoon classes

Wednesday - none




Week of 11/17-11/21

Monday - none - I gave homework on a worksheet. There was a mistake with the first problem.  We will just go over in class tomorrow.

Tuesday - Practice worksheet in NEW algebra packet 2.1 #'s 1-8 Variables and Expressions

Wednesday -Practice worksheet 2.1 #'s 9-14 (backside of last night's homework) Entrance Ticket tomorrow.

Thursday - Chart on translating words to math in notes (after page 10)

Friday -


Week of 11/10-11/14

Monday - Extra Practice page EP18 and EP 19 in the back of the math book #'s 1-34 all; TEST is Tuesday on the entire chapter

Tuesday -none; test was today

Wednesday -none


Friday -none


Week of 11/3-11/7

Monday - 9.2 practice worksheet #'s 1-19; 9.2 Entrance Ticket; and Unit Test is next Tuesday 11/11






Week of 10/27-10/31

Monday - Test returned; kkeep book at home for remainder of the year and return at the end; New Unit - Integers, fins 3 positieve integers (whole nubmers) and 2 negative integers (whole numbers) around your house.


Wednesday - page 394 in book #'s 20-23 and 41-45: Entrance ticket on 9.1 Thursday



Period 7 

See 6th period

Period 8 

See 6th period

ALL Math Classes

To login to the online book:

 Username: snowv1

 Password: snowv1


Social Studies Homework  updated on:

Period 6




 Week of 12/15- 12/19

Monday- Period 6 - Read the "Family Life" article and answer questions 1 and 2.  Also study the Section 1 notecards for Wednesday's Section 1 Quiz.

Period 7 and 8 - Study the Section 1 notecards for Wednesday's Section 1 Quiz.

Tuesday - All classes - finish Section 1 notes with book and packet.  Study the notecards for tomorrow's Section One quiz.

Wednesday - Section One Quiz.  HW - Complete the "Four Social Classes" pyramid from class by describing how/why each social class was important or respected in Ancient China.

Thursday - All classes - Complete notes on Confucius from packet.  Sections are "The Life of Confucius, The Teachings of Confucius/ Confucianism, and Bringing Order to Society."  Information can be found in the text book on page 146 - 148.  DUE MONDAY, 12/22.

Friday -


-Here are the links for the online book and Quizlet:

Online Book User Name:

Eyer Bulldogs

Password: Eyer1234


Period 7

See Period 6 


Period 8

See Period 6


Science Homework 


Homework periods 6, 7, 8   


Week of 12/12-12/19

Monday- 1.1 and 1.2 quiz was returned today- no homework tonight. Make sure you can locate the periodic table in your assignment book on page R11.

Tuesday- No homework.

Wednesday- No homework.

Thursday- A World Famous Table worksheet due Tuesday.

Friday- No homework tonight unless you didn't finish A World Famous Table worksheet.

Week of 12/8-12/12

Monday- No homework- the quiz on section 1.1 and 1.2 will be on Friday.

Tuesday- An Atom: worksheet #1-8.  Quiz on section 1.1 and 1.2 will be Friday.

Wednesday- What are molecules? worksheet. Quiz on 1.1 and 1.2 will be Friday.

Thursday- Link to the website to create atoms: Review the objectives packet for the section 1.1 and 1.2 quiz tomorrow.

Friday- Today was the quiz on sections 1.1 and 1.2- no homework.

Week of 12/2-12/5

Tuesday- Finish the textbook scavenger hunt if not completed during class. 

Wednesday- No homework tonight.

Thursday- No homework.

Friday- No homework- quiz on sections 1.1 and 1.2 will be next Friday.

Week of 11/24-11/26

Monday-Gummy bear lab today- no homework


Wednesday- Gummy bear lab was collected today- No homework

Week of 11/17-11/21

Monday- Classifying packet- last page front and back. Test on Critical thinking skills will be on Thursday. The powerpoint is located in the download section of my science page.

Tuesday- Study vocab in objectives packet (flashcards). Test on Critical thinking skills test on Friday.

Wednesday- Cause and Effect packet- test on process skills is Friday.

Thursday- Critical thinking skills test tomorrow.

Friday- Test was today- no homework.





Information from class



Science power points are located on Mrs. Berndt's science website under downloads. 




Anything Else?  updated on:  8/26/14

Fundraiser/Chaperone information for the May field trips will be sent home soon.  If you are interested in chaperoning please fill in the chaperone sheet ASAP and send it in (you must have clearances in order to chaperone; chaperones must also pay for their trip - this money is not due until you are notified that you are a chaperone). We will let you know of the cost as soon as we have priced everything out.  However, this cost can be offset by the Joe's Pizza fundraiser (pizza kit coupons cost $10 each, $ from each one is applied toward the cost of the field trip - the flyer will be sent home with complete info).  If you have any questions please get in touch with your child's homeroom teacher.


Websites for Pronouns:

Only if done the others:





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