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Pod 1's Homework Board
(scroll down to find all the information you needSmile).

Welcome to 6th grade in Pod 1:)

Please use this to check for daily and long term assignments as well as resources throughout the year.  

Links to our individual webpages

Room 108, Ms. Snow

Room 110, Mr. Krempasky

Room 104, Mrs. Berndt 

Room 106, Mr. Miller

Room 633, Mrs. Urban

Room 119, Mrs. Toth

Language Arts Homework  

Mr. Krempasky 

Online book password:


User Name -

Eyer Bulldogs

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Password -






Language Arts - 


Week of 1/26/15 - 1/30/15

Reading - READ EVERY NIGHT!Begin reading your December books.  Reports will be due at the end of the month.  Read your fiction books for the report.  If you read a little each night, this project will be much easier for you to complete on time.                

            January BOOK REPORT - Begin reading your non-fiction book for the end of the month.  Due date 2/2.

                Monday - Snow/No School

                Tuesday - Worked on Thinglink Reports.  Due 2/2.

                Wednesday - Book report due 2/2.

                Thursday - Book report due 2/2.

                Friday - We plan on working on the Thinglink reports again during one class period.


                Monday - Snow/No School

                Tuesday - None

                Wednesday -Verb packet, page 80, #1-14.

                 Thursday - Indirect object excercise from verb packet.  #8-20 (page 77 - 78).

                 Friday -


Writing -

                 Monday - Snow/No School

                 Tuesday - No writing HW.

                 Wednesday -Introductory Paragraph rough draft due tomorrow.

                 Thursday -BLT Organizer for middle paragraph.

                 Friday -



Mrs. Berndt 


Week 1/26-1/30

Monday- No school

Tuesday- Thinglink project due 1/30- we will work on it during class to finish it on Friday.

Wednesday-Same thinglink as yesterday.  Grammar- verb packet p. 80 #14-40. Writing- Intro paragraph rough draft is due tomorrow.

Thursday- We will be spending a period working on Thinglink tomorrow.  Grammar- verb packet p. 78 exercise 2-only label AVIODO. Writing- 2nd paragraph rough draft due tomorrow.

Friday- Thinglink project should be finished over the weekend if it was not done during class. Grammar- p. 75.

Week of 1/20-1/23

Tuesday- Continue reading your Jan. book- we will be working on the Thinglink project Friday. Grammar- p. 76 exercise 2 #1-16. Figurative language quiz tomorrow. Writing- pen pal letter rough draft should be reading for editing tomorrow.


Thursday- Thinglink organizer due tomorrow- we will be using class time to work on the project tomorrow. The final project is due 1/30. Writing- pen pal letter final copy due Monday.

Friday- Thinglink project should have at least your cover picture tag finished for Monday- will we try to work on it again in class Monday and Friday. Pen pal letter final copy due Monday.

Week of 1/5-1/9

Monday-January books were selected today. Bring your non-fiction book to class everyday. Project information will be handed out later this week.

Tuesday- Grammar- p. 16 in the lets eat grandma packet.  Continue reading your January will get the project information tomorrow in class.

Wednesday- Grammar- write 2 sentences from the action verbs you picked out of your book.  January book report: Thinglink directions were handed out today and explained. The project is due 1/30. 

Thursday-Same homework as last night.  Be ready for your group's figurative language presentation starting Monday.

Friday- Figuative language project: Be ready for your group's presentation/skit on Monday.  Thinglink will be due Jan. 31st.



Ms. Snow




Always have a book to read:) 

Week of 1/26-1/30

Monday - off snowday

Tuesday -Jan book - thinglink

Wednesday - Jan. book; Grammar page 80 #'s 14-40 all; persuasive writing - Introductory paragraph only - follow graphic organizer and write paragraph on the back double spaced.

Thursday - Jan. Book - project due by Sunday night; Grammar - page 77 exercise 1; Writing - fill in the BLT organizer side only

Friday -Jan book by Sunday night; Grammar - none; Writing - write your 2nd paragraph of the 3 paragraph paper on backside of BLT double spaced


Week of 1/19-1/23

Monday - off

Tuesday - Grammar page 76 Ex. 2 #'s 1-16; figurative language - #'s 1-16; January Book - Thinglink


Thursday - Grammar page 48; january book;

Friday - January Book - thinglink; Think about your 1 paragraph and how you can change it to a 3 paragragh paper; 


                   updated on:    Math Homework 

Period 6


Week of 1/26-1/30

Monday - off snowday

Tuesday - 9.4 worksheet (review)

Wednesday - page 29 and 30, Lesson Quiz 1,2,5 and Practice wksht 1,2,3,7,8

Thursday - Lesson quiz - #'s 2,4,6 and Practice wksht 4,5,6

Friday- IN BOOK - page 158 #'s 13-18 all and 37-44 all; 4.3 entrance ticket  on Monday


Week of 1/19-1/23

Monday - off

Tuesday - Redo homework from last night 4.1 practice worksheet #'s 7-12 by using the ladder method - check notes

Wednesday - none

Thursday - page 21 in notes #'s 1-9

Friday - page 21 in notes redo #'s 1-9 using ladder method and #'s 10-13 for word problems


Week 1/12-1/16

Monday - off for snow

Tuesday - none

Wednesday - complete packet on prime/composite - Lesson quiz 1-4 and practice worksheet 1-11




Week of 1/5-1/9

Monday - Open Ended Algrebra worksheet - A-C

Tuesday - Equations/Inequalities packet - finish last page #'s 1-4 and word problems #1-2

Wednesday - page 219 #'s 11-24

Thursday - finish notes

Friday - packet of Inequalities - finish what you didn't finish in class today; Quiz on Inequalities Monday


Week of 12/15-12/19

Monday - 2.6 review in notes packet (between pages 32-33); Test is Thursday on the entire Chapter

Tuesday - - 2.8 practice worksheet #'s 1-10, ET tomorrow and Chapter test Thursday

Wednesday - Test Thursday

Thursday -none

Friday -no afternoon classes


Period 7 

See 6th period

Period 8 

See 6th period

ALL Math Classes

To login to the online book:

 Username: snowv1

 Password: snowv1


Social Studies Homework  updated on:

Period 6




 Week of 1/26- 1/30

Monday- Snow / No School

Tuesday - Worked on Research in class for China Mind Map.

Wednesday - Finish China research organizer for tomorrow.  We will begin making our mind maps tomorrow in class.

Thursday - Started mind maps in class today. Will continue tomorrow.

Friday - Mind Maps will be printed in class today.


-Here are the links for the online book and Quizlet:

Online Book User Name:

Eyer Bulldogs

Password: Eyer1234


Period 7

See Period 6 


Period 8

See Period 6


Science Homework 


Homework periods 6, 7, 8   


Week of 1/26-1/30

Monday- No school

Tuesday- No homework

Wednesday- no homework

Thursday- 1.4 reading study guide due Monday.  Mrs. Bishop will be in class tomorrow to go over course registration for 7th grade.

Friday- Mrs. Bishop was in today to discuss course registration. The form needs to be returned to homeroom teachers by no later than 2/12.

Week of 1/20-1/23

Tuesday- Finish the bottom of the mixtures lab worksheet. quiz on section 1.3 will be on Thursday.


Thursday- Section 1.3 worksheet to review for the quiz tomorrow.

Friday- section 1.3 quiz was today- no homework. Bring your text book to the Mac lab on Monday for class.

Week of 1/5-1/9

Monday- Use the objectives packet to review for the quiz on elements tomorrow.

Tuesday- Bring your science textbook to class with you tomorrow.

Wednesday- Finish your job from class today. Be ready for a group discussion on section 1.3 tomorrow.

Thursday- Finish answering the 3 questions from class.  1. What is a compound? 2. What is a mixture? 3. What are the two types of mixtures? a) how are they different? b) can you see the different substances in each type of mixture?

Friday- No homework





Information from class



Science power points are located on Mrs. Berndt's science website under downloads. 




Anything Else?  updated on:  8/26/14

Fundraiser/Chaperone information for the May field trips will be sent home soon.  If you are interested in chaperoning please fill in the chaperone sheet ASAP and send it in (you must have clearances in order to chaperone; chaperones must also pay for their trip - this money is not due until you are notified that you are a chaperone). We will let you know of the cost as soon as we have priced everything out.  However, this cost can be offset by the Joe's Pizza fundraiser (pizza kit coupons cost $10 each, $ from each one is applied toward the cost of the field trip - the flyer will be sent home with complete info).  If you have any questions please get in touch with your child's homeroom teacher.


Websites for Pronouns:

Only if done the others:





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