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Pod 1's Homework Board
(scroll down to find all the information you needSmile).

Click on the link below to access the Red Pyramid website:


Field trip information for chaperones was sent home last week.  Please send in money for the trips by 4/17.
Fiction and Non fiction book report forms are now available to print from the downloads section.
Links to our individual webpages

Room 108, Ms. Snow

Room 110, Mr. Domyan

Room 104, Miss Scharl  

Room 106, Mr. Miller

Room 633, Mrs. Urban

Room 119, Mrs. Toth

Language Arts Homework  

Mr. Domyan  



updated on: 4/23/14


Language Arts - 

Reading -   ***Keep reading for your April book report; book report forms are available under Downloads.

Book reports will be due monthly and are worth 10 pts. each.  The April book report will be due no later than Wednesday, 4/30/14 We went to the LMC last week before PSSAs and got either a nonfiction or biography today!

PYRCA book list can be found from the link below - just copy and paste it into your browser.


Writing - 4th Grade Pen Pal letters will be due NLT Friday, 4/25.      

Persuasive Writing - finish prewriting for your favorite/best subject (you can do any type of prewriting and it can be on the back of the SlideShow worksheet we filled in); include or make a list of which of the strategies you will be using to persuade your audience.  You may start a rough draft.

Bring in magazine or newspaper ads if you can to show examples of persuasion.

The Red Pyramid -   finish reading Ch. 9-10; do Packet pp. 4 & 5 (Questions for Ch. 9 & 10).  Do Vocab for Ch. 11 & 12 on Packet p. 1 (see Quizlet - millebri for vocab).

Don't forget to try out some of the activities/games that we looked at on the computers; the link is above!


Miss Scharl  

updated on: 4/23

Week of 4/21-4/25

Monday- Red Pyramid quiz tomorrow on Chapter 1-8.  April book reports due 4/30.

Tuesday- Red Pyramid chapters 9 and 10 vocab. April book report due 4/30.

Wednesday-Red Pyramid read chapter 10 and answer the questions in the packet for chapters 9 and 10.  Complete vocab for chapters 11 and 12.  Persuasive worksheet on analyzing audiences.



Week of 4/14-4/17

Monday- Red Pyramid chapter 5 questions and chapter 6 vocabulary. Use Quizlet for the vocab. Share your 5th grade pen pal letter if you did not already. 


Wednesday- Red Pyramid chapter 7 questions and chapter 8 vocab.  Use Quizlet to start studying for quiz on chapters 1-8 next Tuesday.


Ms. Snow




Always have a book to read:) 10 pt book report due by April 30th

Week of 4/21-4/25

Monday - Book report; Red Pyramid - test chapters 1-8 and vocab; Pen Pal to 4th graders by Wednesday (good copy)

Tuesday - Book report; Red Pyramid - Vocab for ch 9-10 - check quizlet for definitions; 4th grade Pen Pal letter - good copy; Persuasive - worksheet on Analyzing Different Audiences

Wednesday - Book report; Red Pyramid - Vocab. for 11-12 - Read and complete Chapters 9-10 in packet; 2 worksheet on Persuasive




Week of 4/14-4/18

Monday - April Book report; Red Pyramid - finish reading chapter 5 and complete packet pages, Ch 6 definitions - (3); Persuasive - watch a commercial, read a billboard or magazine - share with class the persuasive strategies that were used - this needs to be done by Thursday

Tuesday - April book report; Red Pyramid - Chapter 7 definitions (2), Chapter 6 packet pages; Persuasive - see Monday

Wednesday - April book; Red Pyramid - chapter 7 in packet not definitions; Persuasive - see Monday

Thursday - April book; Red Pyramid - chapter 8 in packet, Test on Chapters 1-8 on Tuesday; Pen Pal letter to 5th grade if not done and Pen Pal letter to 4th grade if not done

Friday - Happy Spring Break:)



                   updated on:    Math Homework 

Period 6


Week of 4/21-4/25

Monday - 5.3B Practice worksheet ODDS only

Tuesday - 5.4 Practice worksheet #'s 1-11; page 208 #'s 16-18 and word problem in packet

Wednesday - 5.5A Practice worksheet #'s 1-15 all and notes #1-6 if not done in class; TEST next Thursday on +/-/x and dividing of fractions




Week of 4/14-4/18

Monday - Page 196 #'s 1, 7, 12, 13, 36 in book if not done in class and 5.1 Problem Solving - in packet

Tuesday - Page 200 in book #'s 1-5 and 5.2 practice page in packet

Wednesday - 5.3 Practice page - 1-15 all

Thursday - 5.3B Practice worksheet in packet - Evens only; page 104 in book #'s 16-19

Friday - Happy Spring Break:)



Period 7 

See 6th period

Period 8 

See 6th period

ALL Math Classes

To login to the online book:

 Username: snowv1

 Password: snowv1


Social Studies Homework  updated on: 4/23/14

Period 6




Finish reading pp. 173-173.  Do the Reading Check on p. 172.  Fill in both sides of the T/F worksheet.  We'll finish up the section in class tomorrow and the quiz will be on Friday, 4/25.

Map of Greece and Knossos worksheets were returned to you the other day.  Remember that you are allowed to correct them and earn points back if you need them.  Mycenae worksheets will be given back tomorrow; same thing applies for earning points back.

**** Trojan War/Horse Option 1 (drawing) or Option 2 (writing a poem) were returned today.  You may earn points back, but you must have them for Mr. Wanamaker at 4th Period tomorrow - he will be doing the grading.  After tomorrow he is done, so if you don't have it for him tomorrow you miss the deadline and your points will not be changed!

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY:  Make a 3D model of the Trojan Horse.  We talked about this in class today - be creative.  These will be due NLT Friday, 4/25. 


Here is the link for the British Museum:

Try clicking on the link.  If it doesn't work try cutting and pasting it into your browser.

Write your "Hyksos Haiku" in hieroglyphics as practice for when we do the good copies.

  We went over the hieroglyphics worksheets today.  


"Hyksos Haiku" - You may write from one of these three points of view:

        -as a Hyksos warrior

       - as an Egyptian about to be taken over

       - as an Egyptian who eventually defeats the Hyksos

Remember that a haiku is three lines with a total of 17 syllables:

          1st line          5 syllables

          2nd line          7 syllables

          3rd line           5 syllables


Websites to check out:

The University of Pennsylvania Museum – this is the museum we will be visiting in the Spring for our field trip!

          -  (search under Babylonia or Assyria or Egypt)



-Here are the links for the online book and Quizlet: 


Here's the link for the hieroglyphic typewriter (this is for when we are working in the Egypt unit):

Try typing your name and then print it out or copy it!

Period 7

Same as Period 6 


Period 8

Same as Period 6


Science Homework  updated on: 4/23


Homework periods 6, 7, 8   


Week of 4/21-4/25

Monday-acceleration calculations. quiz on section 1.3 on Friday

Tuesday- Section 1.3 quiz Friday.

Wednesday- quiz Friday.




Week of 4/14-4/17

Monday- Finish the Hi-Flying speed packet.  Quiz on sections 1.1 and 1.2 will be on Wednesday.



Wednesday- Quiz on 1.1 and 1.2 was today- no homework.



Information from class



Science power points are located on Miss Scharl's science website under downloads. 




Anything Else?  updated on:  8/26/13

Fundraiser/Chaperone information for the May field trips will be sent home soon.  If you are interested in chaperoning please fill in the chaperone sheet ASAP and send it in (you must have clearances in order to chaperone; chaperones must also pay for their trip - this money is not due until you are notified that you are a chaperone). We will let you know of the cost as soon as we have priced everything out.  However, this cost can be offset by the Joe's Pizza fundraiser (pizza kit coupons cost $10 each, $ from each one is applied toward the cost of the field trip - see the flyer we sent home for complete info).  If you have any questions please get in touch with your child's homeroom teacher.




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