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AP Environmental Science

Text: Living in the Environment , G. Tyler Miller, Jr., 13th Edition 

Textbook Website - Click here to check out digital flashcards, outlines and more

Murph's Earth Report:  Click here for current Events and more

National Geographic - videos

Online Calculators - Energy, Carbon, and more

Power Point Presentations


AP Exams - grading rubrics and examples


Introduction and Chapters 1 and 2

Chapter 3

Aquatic Ecology and Water Pollution


Soils, Pesticides, Agriculture, and Geology


Greenovation Lighting System

Global Climate Change, El Nino, and Ozone Depletion

 Solid Waste and Toxics



Air Pollution



Water Pollution 

Productivity Lab

Lab Bench for the Prelab: Answer all questions, and summarize all other pages, up to not including the analysis


Hubbard Brook Links

Student Home Page

Virtual Tour:

Ecosystem Diagram:

Soils, Geology, and Pesticides

Plate Tectonics Activity

Pesticides and Food Production

GMFs - Pros and Cons - Internet Activity

Home pesticide inventory

Energy Efficiency and Cost Calculator

Electric Power Pollution Calculator


The Fishing Game - Can you fish and fish, but not deplete?

Garbage, Garbage, Garbage

Green Gorilla - The great Pacific Garbage Patch


Global Climate Change


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