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The following is a list of what must be completed for Summer School

A Boy Called it  wikispace:

Absences should not be an excuse for missed or late work.  All assignments and handouts can be found here, or under the  downloads tab.


Due Date                        Assignment

7/8 - 7/15 - Go to the wikispace linked at the top of this page.  Refer to the reading schedule and guiding questions listed on the schedule, and post accordingly.  Handwritten responses can be turned in if necessary.  Most readings and postings will be completed in class.  Absences will not be an accepted excuse for missed or late work.

Monday 7/13

Next 50 pages (aprox) of Fiction book with detailed notes on characterization.  20 points.

Thursday 7/16

Classwork:  Grammar Review/ Parts of Speech and Parts of a Sentence.

Friday 7/17

Classwork: Vocabulary Study Skills

Set up  an account on

Practice how to use this website to study.

Monday 7/20

Homework: Next 50 pages (aprox) of Fiction book with detailed  personal reflection and questions about the characters' traits.

 20 points.

Classwork:  Begin research project

Pick a topic for the research paper, and come up with a Central Idea and Thesis.

Tuesday 7/21

Practice punctuation using

Wednesday 7/22

Review quotation marks, paraphrasing, summarizing, and MLA formatting.

Thursday7/23 and Friday 7/24

In class computer research and outlining.

Monday 7/27


Read up to page 200 in Fiction book.  Write a comparative reflection of the main characters' traits from both the fiction and non-fiction books.


Introduction writing.

Tuesday 7/28 and Wednesday 7/29

Paragraph writing and in text citation

Review use of quotation marks

Thursday 7/30

Peer editing and Works Cited

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