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English Language Arts (ELA) Smile

English Language Arts consists of reading fluency and comprehension, writing, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, D.L.R., paragraph editing, speaking, and listening.

My goal is to teach ELA through a balanced literacy approach.

I use a variety of sources to teach lessons in ELA.

Reading comprehension and writing are two areas we really focus on in 5th grade. Reading is taught through Study Island, small group literature circles, guided reading, read aloud, SSR, book projects, and other selected reading passages, both fiction and non-fiction.

Reading skills that we will focus on this year will include Character Analysis and Dialogue, Summarizing Texts, Textual Evidence, Setting, Theme, Plot, Inferencing/Drawing Conclusions, Narrator's Point of View, Compare and Contrast, Context Clues, Affixes (Prefixes and Suffixes), Multiple Meaning Words, Synomyms and Antonyms, Figurative Language, Idioms/Adages/Proverbs, Main Idea, and Cause and Effect.

During our Writing Workshop, students will use the Writing Process to write in a variety of genres, including:    

     *Narrative Writing  *Opinion Writing   *Letter Writing  

     *Informational Writing  *Research Writing  

Analytical scoring traits are taught to improve their writing. These include:

     *Focus    *Content    *Organization   *Style    *Conventions (editing)

Spelling will be on a Wednesday to Wednesday (which is test day) schedule, unless I need to adjust due dates and the test day because of snow days. Students will focus on lists of words (20 words per week) from our Harcourt Series. There are 30 lists in all.

I will teach them Academic Vocabulary throughout the year. In addition, they will learn Robust Vocabulary from our Harcourt series.

D.L.R., Paragraph Editing, and Grammar will also be integrated into my instruction. Here, students learn editing skills, word skills, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

Grammar skills we will focus on include Complete Sentences vs. Incomplete Sentences, Kinds of Sentences, Subjects and Predicates, Sentence Structure, Punctuation, Fragments/Run-On Sentences/Comma Splices, Pronouns, Conjunctions, Interjections, Prepositions, Possessive Nouns, Adjectives and Articles, Adverbs, and Analogies.

Language Arts Websites for extra practice: Click here

Storytown tools: Click here

Additional Resources: Click here

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